FAQ – Ambassador Program 2022

Applying for the Ambassador Program

Can I apply to the Ambassador Program as part of a team? 

It is not possible to submit an application as a team. UNLEASH will only be selecting ambassadors based on individual applications.

I am a digital nomad and change my location 2-3 times a year. Am I eligible for the Ambassador Program? 

Yes! You do not have to be physically present in a country in order to act as ambassador – especially in times of Covid-19. However, we encourage you to apply to represent the country or region you are most experienced with to ensure you are able to drive activity in that area.

 If I represent other organizations, e.g. OYW, TFF, Climate Reality, am I eligible to apply?

Absolutely! Being part of other like-minded communities will not disqualify you. Feel free to elaborate on any relevant experience in your application.

 Can existing UNLEASH Ambassadors apply?

Yes! As part of the inaugural Ambassador Program in 2021, existing Ambassadors are able to continue into the program into 2022. Existing Ambassadors do not need to reapply. Instead, they can contact [email protected].


The Ambassador Role

How many ambassadors will be selected?

We are looking to form a tight-knit group of community organizers, and plan on selecting approximately 30-40 candidates globally. The 2022 cohort will be a selection of new and ongoing Ambassadors. For new Ambassadors, selection will be made on the basis of the submitted application, an interview, and considerations of diversity.

What countries/regions will you select ambassadors from?

While it is not yet possible to have one ambassador per country, participants in the Ambassador Program should reflect the UNLEASH Community, meaning there will be representation across all continents. Each continent is estimated to have between 2-5 ambassadors.

Ambassadors will act as regional representatives for the UNLEASH Community but will not be working exclusively with Ambassadors from their own region across the 2022 program.

To what extent are individual ambassadors expected to take on ALL activities related to community organizing (i.e. communications, event organizing, and partner outreach)?

The program will have some mandatory deliverables that each ambassador must complete. For example, all 2022 ambassadors must organize an UNLEASH Hack. However, we do not expect one ambassador to cover an entire spectrum of skills and responsibilities! The program will also have you learning along the way, working in groups and finding ways to ensure that you can work within your areas of strength.

Can I collaborate with individuals who are not part of the Ambassador Program?

Of course! We encourage ambassadors to engage individuals outside of the program as part of their community organizing.

If I am selected as an Ambassador do I automatically get to attend the 2022 UNLEASH Innovation Lab?

Not automatically. Attending the 2022 UNLEASH Innovation Lab, is the culmination of an Ambassador’s contribution across the year.  Mandatory Deliverables must be fulfilled to be able to attend the Global Innovation Lab.

What will the ambassador role be at the 2022 UNLEASH Innovation Lab?

We are still working through the details but ambassadors will serve as facilitators for the lab.

Will I receive a certificate or letter of recommendation to showcase my role as an official UNLEASH ambassador?

Yes, you will! We want to support you as best we can, so we’ll make sure to provide you with proof of your participation in the program.


Connection with other UNLEASH Programs

I have organized an UNLEASH Hack as part of an Organizing Team (OT). Can I also apply to be part of the Ambassador Program?

Definitely! Being part of one program does not disqualify you from being part of another. In fact, we welcome your experience as part of an OT and encourage you to mention that as relevant experience in your application.

Can I be an ambassador if I don’t want to organize a Hack in 2022?

No. The 2022 Ambassador program requires active participation and includes some mandatory deliverables, including organizing a Hack. Hacks are an important way to build the UNLEASH Community and provide local access to the UNLEASH methodology. It is also the pathway to our incubator program. UNLEASH Plus.

Can I apply to UNLEASH Plus if I am part of the Ambassador Program?

Yes! We encourage engaged talents to be part of multiple programs and will work with you directly to ensure that you have the capacity and support needed to do both.

Can I apply to attend the 2022 UNLEASH Innovation Lab in India as a talent if I am an ambassador?

No. Partaking in the 2022 Ambassador Program would result in you attending the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in an official UNLEASH capacity. Therefore you would not be able to apply to be a participant.


Ambassador Program Logistics

Will UNLEASH provide funds to cover expenses associated with hosting online or offline events?

That depends! For the Hacks, UNLEASH will cover basic event expenses such as (not limited to) subscriptions to Zoom accounts.. For other UNLEASH activities, we provide a toolkit of free activity types and Ambassadors should not expect additional funding to be available. Ambassadors will not be expected to cover any expenses associated with the role, therefore we expect events to be designed in a format that aligns with this reality.

Is there a 1-term limit?

No, all ambassador positions are eligible for renewal. We will be re-assessing and recruiting new ambassadors annually, and would love to keep engaged ambassadors on board! 

Can I drop out of the program if I change my mind along the way?

We do expect you to commit to the role for one year. However, in case of unforeseen circumstances, we will assess drop-outs in a case-by-case manner. 

How do I apply?

You can complete the application form here.

Is your question not answered here? Send an email to [email protected] and we will respond to it shortly!