Frequently asked questions – application

Start your application

To initiate your application process, you will to go to and press “Create account” to register at the Younoodle platform. The platform will ask you to fill a simple registration form. You may also sign in through your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. We recommend you sign up with your email. You need to click on the ‘create a new application’ which will allow you to start your application.

Saving your application as a draft

In case you want to save your application, you need to click on ‘save’ at the bottom of the application form. You can access the status on the portal through the ‘status’ button on the left hand side menu. In addition, you can access the application once again through a link provided in the email sent to you from the portal.

Applications close on 15th February, and hence, we request you to try and finish the application in one sitting.

Editing and deleting a draft application

On the portal you can delete an application by clicking on the ‘X’ mark on the top right hand corner of the application created. You can edit the application by clicking on it and entering the form once again. You can edit your application after submitting it as well. Refer to checklist in ‘navigating the portal’ for more details. However, you cannot unsubmit and edit once evaluation of your application has begun. Evaluations will start in 1-2 days after submission.

Submitting your application

When you have finished filling out all the required fields, scroll to the bottom and click on “Next”. This will allow you to review your entire application and go through it in its entirety. At the end of the application review, you can click on ‘submit application’.

Navigating the YouNoodle portal

On the left hand-side you will see a menu with 5 options. Their use is described below:

  • Start: this option takes you to the homepage where you can create a new application, and delete or edit an ongoing application.
  • Status: this option is enabled once you enter an application and tells you whether your application is submitted or incomplete. The status of the application will also be visible to you on the homepage (re: start page).
  • Application form: You can click on this to make enter your application and start filling it out or make edits, as required.
  • Checklist: this option is enabled once you enter an application and allows you to view any required fields that are incomplete. These incomplete fields will be highlighted in red. You can also choose to ‘unsubmit’ your application here, which can be accessed at the end of the application review. Please make sure to press ‘submit application’ once again in case you ‘unsubmit’ and edit your application.
  • Feedback: Given the volume of applications, we will be unable to release evaluator feedback to participants. Therefore, this page is not relevant for applicants.

Privacy and evaluation

Your applications are private and can only be viewed by a select group of members from the UNLEASH secretariat and your evaluators.