Greenland Talents Facts FAQ

Kalaallisut – “The Greenlanders’ language”


Greenlandic belongs to the Inuit-Aleut family of languages that is spoken by some 80,000 Inuit’s in Alaska, Canada and Greenland.


Other languages in Greenland


Danish is the first foreign language learned in Greenland’s schools, and the majority of the population also speak good Danish, especially those living in the major towns. Danes can therefore get by with Danish when visiting Greenland. Many young people who have attended a course of study in Denmark or abroad also speak good English and English is taught in school as the third language. Tourist offices often have personnel that are able to speak German and sometimes also French. Guided excursions are usually available in several languages. Contact your local tourist office to hear which language services they are able to provide.


A couple of useful expressions in Greenlandic

The Greenlandic sound that is spelt with a /q/ can cause some problems, but is pronounced almost like /kr/. Another special sound is /ll/ or /rl/ which is pronounced almost like /sl/.


You can read much more about the Greenlandic language in the handbook “Greenlandic for Travellers”, which can be bought on the Internet or at good bookshops. The book should be able to expand your vocabulary from the three words you perhaps already know: Kayak, igloo and anorak.


Qujanarsuaq! (Thank you very much)

Kumoorn tamassi (Good morning to you)

Qanoq ippisi? (How are you doing?)

Before departure

When traveling to Greenland you should have at least the following documents with you at hand: 

  • Valid Passport (the passport you have used for UNLEASH registration that matches all your other travel documents) . Make sure to check the expiration of your travel documents
  • Confirmation of acceptance to UNLEASH
  • Flight itinerary and tickets
  • Hotel booking confirmation for Copenhagen/Reykjavik if you are having a layover
  • Proof of vaccination  

However, as the requirements across different countries may vary it is your personal responsibility to check with the airline and immigration office to ensure that you have all the required documentation with you. 

  • For example, you may need a VISA  
  • Proof of verified vaccination papers 

Yes, we are requiring all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19. We will also be following Government protocols carefully to ensure a safe experience for participants in Greenland. This includes, frequent sanitation, possibly recommending masks in certain situations, and spacing out events where possible. 


We will have more detailed policies closer to the event in accordance to the current COVID-19 situation. 


If you are unvaccinated at this time, have questions about what documentation is required or if you qualify as fully vaccinated please contact us [email protected].

Alternatively, research online what the travel requirements are for your region.

If you are travelling from North America (Canada and the United States) or the UK, you will need a travel adaptor. You should be able to pick up a travel adaptor from your local technology store. You will need one that works within the EU.



Yes, we strongly encourage you to bring your laptop if you have one. However, UNLEASH is not liable for laptops being damaged or lost during the event. It is also not required to bring a laptop and will not impact the quality of the product produced.  

UNLEASH does not provide participants with travel insurance. We strongly encourage you to obtain a travel insurance covering e.g. personal injury, property, and third-party liability during UNLEASH. Acquiring this is your own responsibility. 


Examples: Europæiske Rejseforsikring, WorldTrips, Manulife, but we recommend that we do research to learn which is the best travel insurance option for the country you’re are commuting from.  

  • The last month of the summer, August, is another chilly month in Nuuk, Greenland, with temperature in the range of an average low of 3.5°C (38.3°F) and an average high of 9.3°C (48.7°F). 
  • In August, the average length of the day in Nuuk is 16.3h. 
  • The average sunshine in August is 4h. 
  • Overview of weather in Greenland 

It will be on the colder side, so please remember that when packing your clothing for the trip.  


As an event, UNLEASH has no specific dress code, though we advise talents to keep in mind local customs and the professional environment you will be finding yourselves in. Comfortable and casual clothes (e.g. jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, warm jackets) and layers will suffice for the time in which you will be working and going on outings around Nuuk.  

However, please also pack 2-3 semi-formal outfits for the times that you will be pitching and remember that if selected, you may get to present on a stage which will include government officials, company CEO’s, global artists and your fellow talents!  

As a last note, we also encourage talents to wear traditional clothing for UNLEASH’s opening ceremony - so remember to pack that if you would like to represent your country and culture!  

  • Waterproof and breathable footwear with a good grip and support around your ankles. Many places in Greenland you will find yourself walking on rocks, gravel or dirt tracks. Proper footwear may be the difference between great and bad experiences. 
  • Rain- and windproof breathable clothing. Even on days with blue skies, the weather may change and the wind is almost always cool. A light and packable jacket allows you to wear it when needed. 
  • Warm clothing, to wear if the temperature changes. 
  • Warm and sheltering headwear. Your head is one of the main areas of warmth drain and should be covered in cold conditions. In high summer the sun can be very strong, and a hat or cap can come in handy. 
  • Gloves. To protect your hands on the water and chilly days. 
  • Sunglasses. The sun is very strong during summer and especially on the water. 
  • Sunscreen for exposed skin. In summer the air may feel cool, but the sun still burns.
  • Mosquito net and repellent. Especially in August. If you are allergic to insect bites, you should bring antihistamine. 


Other items to consider bringing, recommendation from the UNLEASH team  

  • Hygiene products (e.g., toothpaste, Shampoo)  
  • Skin lotion (as the air in Nuuk is very dry) 
  • Medication (e.g., allergy medicines, personal medication, emergency kit)  
  • A day pack for excursions or exploring  
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Label all of your bags to ensure no confusion when arriving in Nuuk or in transit 
  • Swimwear – if you’re considering taking a dip in the cold fjords! 

Money & Currency

Greenland uses the same currency is Denmark which is called the Danish Kroner. We recommend that you research online to see what the rate difference is with your country.


Make sure to call your credit card company and inform them you are moving abroad and that your card will work abroad.  

UNLEASH covers hotel accommodation from August 20th – 27th and travel layovers, this includes accommodation prior or following August 20th – 27th if you must arrive earlier or leave later.

Transportation to the main events is also covered by UNLEASH, and during the week you are able to take the public bus in Nuuk for free. Additionally, UNLEASH provides the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the program at specific times at the venues.  

Please bring however much money you plan on spending on things like food (outside of the main meals provided), souvenirs and any activities independent of the program! Everyone’s spending limits are different, so UNLEASH is unable to advise you on the exact amount you should be bringing to Nuuk.   


It is fair to say that Greenland is self-sufficient with regard to fish, certain meat products and ice cubes. Everything else has to be imported by either ship or aircraft, and this of course has an impact on prices. Compared to Scandinavia, prices are approx. 10% higher, and alcohol, tobacco and fresh fruit and vegetables in particular are at the high end of the scale. Tap water is drinkable so we recommend you pack a reusable water bottle. 


For your reference here are some approximate costs for a regular convenience store: 


Bag of chips: 25 DKK  


Soft drink: 25 DKK 


25 min taxi ride: 100 - 200 DKK 

Danish kroner (DKK) is the valid currency in Greenland.  The following credit cards are accepted at ATMs. Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners, Dankort and American Express. 


Credit cards can be used at many hotels, restaurants and shops. 

No, besides the main meals provided by UNLEASH, all additional food and snacks is going to be at your own expense.

We do encourage you to try use a reusable water bottle and reduce the purchasing of plastic bottles/snacks as much as possible during the conference.  

Arrival & traveling to Nuuk

UNLEASH will reimburse travel from remote or further destinations. For example, if you need to travel from Aarhus to Copenhagen by train, we will compensate you for the cost of the ticket. However, if you catch a 30-minute cab to the airport in Toronto we will not reimburse you.  


If you need to drive 3+ hours to an airport, take a connecting flight, take a long train or bus (3+ hours), we will reimburse you for the cost.  


If you have questions if your travel is qualified for reimbursement do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].  

In case of unexpected incidents that cause a delay in your arrival, you should contact the UNLEASH team.


We will then guide you on the next steps. If possible, please notify the UNLEASH Greenland team at [email protected] as soon as you find out that your flight will be delayed or there will be incidents in your journey causing you to arrive at a later time. 

Accommodation & Food

You will be staying at various hotels around Nuuk. You will have the ability to connect with other talents living in your accommodation and you will be in close proximity to where the different events for Innovation Lab will be taking place.  


UNLEASH will be waiting in the airport once you arrive in Nuuk and transport you to your allocated hotel.  

The exact check-in times depend on the individual hotels, but it will likely be around 2pm on August 20. If you arrive before this, you might have to wait for your room to be ready. 


There will be UNLEASH staff present at each hotel to welcome you and take care of your registration to the UNLEASH program. 

You will share a twin room (2 separate beds) with another talent from your track (same gender) or alternatively you may be assigned a single room based on quantity.   

All talents will be randomly paired to share rooms. You cannot request a specific roommate (and we encourage you not to, as sharing a room with a stranger may be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!)  

Rooms are equipped with basic living necessities, like sheets, towels, kettle, etc.  

Absolutely! Tap water in Greenland comes from the lakes and glaciers surrounding the city and is of high quality.  

It is not possible to stay in Nuuk past the current duration of the program because flights have already been booked to leave on the 27th. So unfortunately, you will not be able to extend your stay.  

You cannot book your own accommodation, as all meals, activities and schedules are prepared in collaboration with the hotels arranged by UNLEASH. 

No, unfortunately, we do not allow individuals other than accepted talents to attend UNLEASH. 

Talents will have breakfast, lunch and dinner at different venues and spaces in Nuuk, Greenland. It depends on the time you will eat if you are allocated into the first or second group of the day to eat.    

Upon registration, you should already have informed the UNLEASH Secretariat about any allergies or dietary requirement in the registration form.  In case you have forgotten to include something please email us at [email protected]  



We will be sharing the overview of the program sooner to the date and will reach out at a further date.  

The Innovation Lab locations vary for each SDG track. Also, the flagship events will take place at different venues around Nuuk such as at the Katuaq Culture Centre, the University and Nuuk Community Center. We will be sharing a map of Nuuk sooner to the event.  

UNLEASH will provide you with transportation throughout the program, which also includes transportation to all the main events: Opening Ceremony, Marketplace, Pitching Sessions and Award and Closing Ceremony.  

  • Longer transportation will be in buses. Distances within ~15 minutes will be made by foot. 
  • During the week, all UNLEASAH talents can also travel for free using the public yellow busses in Nuuk. 
  • You can also pick up a town map when you arrive in Greenland.  

After arriving in Nuuk August 20th and participating in the Opening Ceremony in Katuaq, the Innovation Lab with start on August 21st.

The day will start with structured activities to give you an overview of the Innovation Process, after which you will break into teams to begin to work together over the next days. The Innovation Process is self-directed, composed of short scheduled presentations and open teamwork time.

The internal SDG track pitches will happen on August 25th, with the best solutions moving on to pitch their idea on the main stage followed by an Award Show on August 26th. In the evening of August 26th, we will end the week with a Closing Dinner and party for our talents, before heading home on August 27th 

The UNLEASH Innovation Process starts with framing a specific problem that highlights a tension or reason why the problem still exists.

You will be asked to put any ideas for solutions aside, and to work on framing a problem with your team.

You may be quite surprised by where your team ends up after this process! Only when you get further along in the Innovation Process will it be appropriate to think about ideas for solutions, at which time any past ideas for solutions can be shared with your teammates, if they are still relevant to the problem that your team decided to focus on. 

Attendance for both Innovation Lab and all flagships events during UNLEASH are mandatory unless you get sick and are unable to join. Find more about reporting sickness to UNLEASH under “Accidents and Emergencies”. 

You will have time during the evenings to explore, some days after dinner there will not be activities and it says daylight until close to Midnight.  


UNLEASH ends officially after the Award and Closing Ceremony and the Farewell party taking place in the evening of August 26th.   

Sadly, we are unable to offer the opportunity to stay longer in Nuuk if you are leaving Greenland to return to your home country.  

Accidents & Emergencies

All in all, Nuuk is a safe city and violent crime is rare. However, we advise all UNLEASH participants to use common sense.  


UNLEASH also requires all participants to obey by the Greenlandic laws during the entire program. Thus, avoid anything that is against the laws even if in minor ways (e.g. jaywalking). Finally, all participants are solely accountable for their behavior and UNLEASH does not bear any responsibility.   

In the case of smaller safety concerns, contact the UNLEASH Secretariat. You will receive phone numbers of contact people and emergency services such as the hospital, police and fire department closer to the event. 

Technology and Communication

The situation varies from country to country. Please confirm with your local cellphone service provider whether the network will work normally in Nuuk and what the fees are. The main cell phone network operator in Greenland is Tusass.   

Also, remember to switch off data roaming when you arrive, to avoid huge costs. Use of phone or data will not be covered by UNLEASH. 


No, UNLEASH will not provide sim cards to you. Talents wishing to purchase a sim card can do so upon arrival in Nuuk.  


UNLEASH provides free Wi-Fi at the hotels and the venues where the innovation labs will take place.  

General guidelines and other information

  • Please respect that smoking is prohibited in all the facilities used during the UNLEASH program.  
  • Please respect that UNLEASH is an international event with people coming from all over the world. The UNLEASH community does not tolerate any form of violence, sexism, racism or other discrimination.  
  • Given that the event takes place in Greenland UNLEASH participants are required to obey national laws and regulations. 
  • The official UNLEASH language is English, but you are of course welcome to communicate in any language as you prefer. We however advise you to always think in an inclusive manner and always use English within a group. 

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