Frequently asked questions


When can I apply?

Applications for this year’s UNLEASH are closed, but you can check the website for any news.

What kind of talents is UNLEASH looking for?

Talents are selected based on four criteria. Read more about it here.

What kind of talents is UNLEASH not looking for?

UNLEASH is not an accelerator for existing ideas, but rather a place for new ideas and collaboration. UNLEASH seeks to source early stage ideas and applicants need to be willing to work with others. As such, applicants will not qualify for UNLEASH if they:

  • Are not willing to work on completely new ideas or challenge their existing idea significantly through collaboration with other participants.
  • Launched their current idea in an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial capacity that they are working on full-time, and intend to only use UNLEASH to further this idea.
  • Have generated revenue (e.g. from customers, users) or raised funding (e.g. from grants, investors) for their current / newest idea, and intend to use UNLEASH to work on this idea.
  • Have multiple full-time paid employees working on their current / newest idea.

Can teams apply?

No, UNLEASH will only accept application in individual capacity.

Are nominated talents guaranteed a spot at UNLEASH?

Nominated talents will receive a pass through the first round of the application process. However, nominations does NOT guarantee a spot.


Intellectual Property rights

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the ideas/solutions after UNLEASH?

The participant ensures to the best of his/her knowledge that the submitted ideas, materials, and information are neither of confidential nature nor unlawfully obtained by the participant. In exchange for use of the platform, and to the extent that the participant’s contributions through use of the platform give rise to any intellectual property right interest, here under copyright, patent rights, design rights the participant understand that contributing any intellectual property (IP) to UNLEASH is at his/her sole discretion, and if any IP is incorporated into solutions then future ownership must be sorted out at the individual team level. However, UNLEASH does retain rights to use for publicity including to display, publish, broadcast, or communicate to the public.



Where will I be staying?

You will be staying at the NUS campus in dorms.

Do I need to bring towels, sleeping bag, etc.?

No, towels and bedding is provided.




I have certain dietary restrictions; will these be taken into consideration?

Yes. Prior to your participation we will ask you to let us know what your special needs happen to be.

This can be selected in your travel report at

Is it allowed to drink alcohol during UNLEASH?




Can I call you if I have an urgent safety problem?

Yes, you can. During the event there will be an emergency number for you to call if you experience any problems.



Can and should I bring my computer?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your laptop, at your own risk.

I do not have a laptop, is that a problem?

No, that is not a problem. As an UNLEASH participant you are welcome, with or without laptop, but if you have a laptop, please take it with you.