Frequently asked questions


When can I apply?

Unfortunately, applications for UNLEASH 2017 are closed.

What if I have questions about using the application platform?

Please refer this list of frequently asked questions about the application platform.

What kind of talents is UNLEASH looking for?

Talents are selected based on four criteria. Read more about it here.

What kind of talents is UNLEASH not looking for?

Talents with ideas beyond a pilot stage are likely not appropriate for UNLEASH’s program as willingness to work with peers on other ideas is a requirement. Generally, UNLEASH wish to source early stage ideas. As such, applicants will not qualify for UNLEASH if they:

  • Have launched their idea as a start-up that they are working on full-time in a paid capacity
  • Have generated over $30k in total revenue (e.g. from customers, users) from their newest idea
  • Have raised over $30k in funding (e.g. from grants, investors) for their newest idea
  • Have multiple full-time paid employees working on their newest idea

Can teams apply?

No, UNLEASH will only accept application in individual capacity.

Are nominated talents guaranteed a spot at UNLEASH?

While nominated talents are not guaranteed participation in UNLEASH, they will only be subject to a light screening as the assumption is that talents nominated by trusted partners will be accepted to UNLEASH.



Do I have to pay for my own flight ticket?

You need to pay your flight tickets (and visa if needed) up front. After the program you will get your flight tickets reimbursed to your bank account. You just need to make sure that your flight tickets do not exceed the flat rate for your destination. You will submit all the information required for your reimbursement when you submit information on your travel plans.

When do I need to order my flight tickets?

As soon as your participation in UNLEASH has been approved. It is worth investigating when flight tickets are expected cheapest. This is important to comply with the flat rates for each destination.

We recommend searching for flight tickets by using or

What to do if the flat rate is too low?

Unfortunately, you must pay the difference between the flat rate and the set price for the flight ticket.

Can I choose flights above the flat rate? 

You can. You just need to pay the difference yourself.

Do I need a visa, and if I do, when and where to request?

Please check out this official website to see if you need a visa.

How to apply for a visa?

Please check out this official website. All other questions must be directed to your local embassy.

What type of visa should I apply for?

Please apply for a tourist visa.

I have not received my invitation letter to use when applying for my visa?

You will be sent a letter to submit with your application within 48 hours of confirming your spot. Please wait after confirming your spot to receive this letter. If you still don’t receive it, please let us know and we’ll follow up.

What other forms or information do I need from UNLEASH to apply for a visa?

You should not need any other forms from UNLEASH to apply for your visa. Please double check that you are applying for a tourist visa. Any address or contact information is provided on the letter.

Can UNLEASH take personally contact to the embassies to expedite the visa process?

UNLEASH is in running contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have all the contacts to the embassies, consulates and VFS offices. UNLEASH cannot expedite the visa application process for an individual person. If you face problems beyond the waiting time for your visa then please contact us on [email protected].

Will UNLEASH cover my travel expenses to the visa office?

UNLEASH does not cover your travel expenses to visa offices. In few instances UNLEASH will help you cover your travel costs, but only if you are facing severe financial obstacles.

Will UNLEASH cover my travel expenses to the airport?

UNLEASH will only cover your transportation costs to the airport if you are to travel more than six hours and you are not able to pay that yourself.

Will UNLEASH cover transportation during the event?

UNLEASH will not cover your transportation from and to the airport upon arrival and departure.

Can I arrive later and/or leave earlier?

No. You must be present during the entire event.


Who will cover the costs?

All costs related to participation in the program will be covered by the UNLEASH association, including flight travel to Denmark, accommodation, food, curriculum and facilitation for the entire event. All talents are however asked to pay a fee of 145 USD to mitigate no shows and to ensure that we do not have empty seats, where other talents could have come.

How and when do I get reimbursed for my travel costs?

You will receive this reimbursement as a bank transfer after the program.

How do I pay the participant fee?

Your participant fee will be deducted from your flight reimbursement. If your travel costs are less than the cost of the participant fee, we will contact you separately about paying this fee.

Are the visa costs included in the flat rate?

No. The flat rate only reflects the maximum amount UNLEASH will reimburse for your flight ticket. In addition to that UNLEASH will reimburse your visa costs, which does not include transportation to the visa office.


Can I get a reduced tuition price, somehow?

You should include an ask for a scholarship when applying. Only a limited number of talents will receive this, so please only include this if there is no way for you to pay the 145 USD.

Can UNLEASH help me with the outlay for my flight ticket?

In rare instances, the UNLEASH project can be helpful with the outlay. Please, before you approach the UNLEASH secretariat, try to solve the outlay problem within your own network.

I applied for a scholarship and then I was accepted – does this mean my scholarship was approved?

Yes, you will only be accepted if your scholarship was approved. Please contact us ([email protected]) and we will initiate the booking process.



Where will I be staying?

You will be staying in hotels.


Can I get a single room at the hotels?

At all accommodations,  you will have to share the room with at least one other person. All rooms have separate beds (no double beds). In rare instances, single rooms will be available at the hotels.

UNLEASH cannot promise you a single or double room even if you have chosen one it in your travel report due to limited rooms available.

Will males and females sleep in the same room?

No, participants will be divided by gender.

Do I need to bring towels, sleeping bag, etc.?

No, towels and bedding is provided at the hotel.

Will I be sharing a bathroom or toilet with others?

Yes, rooms at hotels have attached bathrooms, to be shared by you and your roommate(s).



I have certain dietary restrictions; will these be taken into consideration?

Yes. Prior to your participation we will ask you to let us know what your special needs happen to be.

This can be selected in your travel report at

Is it allowed to drink alcohol during UNLEASH?




Do I need insurance?

UNLEASH has acquired a full coverage insurance for all participants.

Can I call you if I have an urgent safety problem?

Yes, you can. During the event there will be an emergency number for you to call if you experience any problems.



Can and should I bring my computer?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your laptop, at your own risk.

I do not have a laptop, is that a problem?

No, that is not a problem. As an UNLEASH participant you are welcome, with or without laptop, but if you have a laptop, please take it with you.