Frequently asked questions

How do I become a talent?

You can find information on how to become a talent on You will have to stay updated on our website or on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on when we open for applications for 2019.


Intellectual Property Rights

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the ideas/solutions after UNLEASH?

The participant ensures to the best of his/her knowledge that the submitted ideas, materials, and information are neither of confidential nature nor unlawfully obtained by the participant. In exchange for use of the platform, and to the extent that the participant’s contributions through use of the platform give rise to any intellectual property right interest, here under copyright, patent rights, design rights the participant understand that contributing any intellectual property (IP) to UNLEASH is at his/her sole discretion, and if any IP is incorporated into solutions then future ownership must be sorted out at the individual team level. However, UNLEASH does retain rights to use for publicity including to display, publish, broadcast, or communicate to the public.