Previous Labs

Since 2017, UNLEASH has hosted annual Global Innovation Labs in Denmark, Singapore and China. Find below what happened in each of our UNLEASH Labs! 

UNLEASH Denmark 2017

The first-of-its-kind UNLEASH Innovation Lab took place in Copenhagen in August 2017. Talents spent one week in Danish high schools, getting to know an alternative educational system to ignite their creative thinking.

UNLEASH Singapore 2018

In May 2018, UNLEASH invited 1,000 Talents from all over the world to Singapore, where they created real, scalable solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

UNLEASH Shenzhen 2019

The UNLEASH Innovation Lab took place in China from November 6-13 in 2019.  

To inspire Talents in their innovation journey, they got to work in multiple venues across the vibrant city of Shenzhen.