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UNLEASH+ 2020 applications are now closed! Results and selection will be communicated Mid-August.



Apply here to participate in UNLEASH+ 2020!

UNLEASH+ is a 6-month pre-acceleration program designed to support teams of 2-4 members with at least one UNLEASH alumnus, having prototyped and tested a solution addressing the SDGs. It provides new tools, support from world-class experts, and access to relevant partners. The program’s goal is that teams design their solutions for scaled impact and successfully bring them to market. It includes three components:

PART 1 – UNLEASH+ Online: a 14-week online program focusing on the teams driving solutions to address the SDGs, further developing their prototypes, and preparing a full business case to effectively and sustainably reach beneficiaries.

PART 2 – UNLEASH+ Bootcamp: a 4-day bootcamp (held online this year) with highly tailored support for the teams and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of funders and partners.

PART 3. UNLEASH+ Connect: support on the next steps after the program, and connections with partner capacity builders and funders to take the solution further.

As is the case for the global Innovation Lab, the UNLEASH+ bootcamp, which is normally an in-person component of UNLEASH+, will not be held physically in 2020 due to COVID-19. We are therefore moving the bootcamp online, without compromising on experience, quality, and outcomes.


We are excited to announce that we are opening up for UNLEASH+ applications on 6 July 2020, until the application deadline on Monday, July 27th, 2020 at 23:59 PST.

Part 1: The online program begins on August 31st, 2020, and will be running until December 5th, 2020.

Part 2: Top teams from the online program will be selected to take part in the 4-day online bootcamp from 9-13 December 2020.

Part 3: Until February 2021, all the teams that completed the online program will receive support to prepare for their next steps and connect with capacity builders and/or funders.


In order to participate in UNLEASH+, please note the following criteria before proceeding with your application:

Your team must have a tested prototype (please find more details about prototyping here)
– Note that both products and services can be prototyped. A prototype is basically a way for a user to experience your solution so they can give you feedback, so every type of model could have a prototype. For example, a partnership model can have a draft MOU as a prototype, a software application can have a sketched user interface, or a product solution can have a physical mock-up of one aspect of the design.
– While prototypes themselves can be quite varied, they all share the same trait of being designed for testing one feature or aspect of the solution with users to gather feedback. Do not try to prototype and test too many features or components of your solutions at once.
– Please refer to your UNLEASH Activity Cards for more details on how to design and build a prototype, and how to test this prototyping.

At least 1 of your team members must be an UNLEASH alumnus. Other team members do not need to be from the UNLEASH community, although of course teams with multiple UNLEASH alumni are welcome.

Your solution has raised less than 500’000 USD to date.

At least 2 team members in total.

Note: The solution you apply with does not have to be created at UNLEASH. You can apply with a solution you developed before or after.


How much time/effort will my team need to commit to the UNLEASH+ Online Program?

  • 1 Webinar or workshop of 2 hours per fortnight to learn about prototyping, strategy, and team development
  • 1 interactive session with facilitators 1 hour per fortnight (Teams are expected to make the most of facilitator check-ins and attend prepared)
  • 1h per week will be spent on personal development and related discussions with peers through our partner Potentialife program
  • At least 1h per month spent in peer-feedback sessions
  • 1 deliverable submission per fortnight (Teams are expected to provide deliverables on time))
  • In addition to the above, teams are expected to work together for a minimum of 3 hours per week per team on UNLEASH+ materials and deliverables (i.e. canvases, diagnostic tool)
  • We expect a total of 6-8 hours per week, to be spread amongst all team members.