Here you will find the latest updates on the program for UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2017.

Day 1

Saturday August 12: Arrival in Copenhagen
06:00-23:59 Arrival at Copenhagen Airport

Talents are greeted by UNLEASH volunteers that will be available in the airport luggage area and at the arrival terminal throughout the day. From the airport, talents will be guided to Copenhagen Central Station and further on to their respective hotels. After check-in, talents are free to explore Copenhagen with their transportation card or simply relax at the hotel.

19:00 Dinner and mingling at the MeatPacking District

Talents are invited at the vibrant Meatpacking District to enjoy delicious street food, listen to good music and meet their peers for the first time. Those who have received their keyhanger, must bring it as an entrance ticket. Others can register at the Meatpacking District. The talents are responsible for getting to the Meatpacking District themselves, on foot or using their transportation card.

21:00 Exploring CPH or transport to hotels

Talents are free to explore Copenhagen on their own or go back to rest at the hotel. Talents are individually in charge of getting back to their hotels themselves. From sunset (around 22:00) the building belonging to the Confederation of Danish Industries by City Hall will be lit up in the 17 SDG colors as a warm welcome.

Day 2

Sunday, August 13: Kick-off at Lokomotivværkstedet
08:30 Transportation to Lokomotivværkstedet

Talents will be picked up by buses at their respective hotels, and will spend the rest of the day at Lokomotivværkstedet. This means that talents should bring all relevant necessities with them. The keyhanger should be brought as a ticket for entrance. Those who have not received a keyhanger must register when arriving.

09:00 Breakfast

The talents will be provided breakfast at Lokomotivværkstedet, where they can engage with each other, different companies, or explore the exhibition “Wasteland – from waste to architecture” by Lendager Group. The exhibition specializing in circular economics within the future’s sustainable cities, buildings, and businesses.

10:30 Welcome

Masters of ceremonies are:
Megan Rose Dickey, Reporter, TechCrunch
Gaurav Gupta, Partner, Dalberg

Welcome and introduction by:
Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman, UNLEASH

11:00 Keynote

Introduction by Camilla Brückner, Director of UNDP’s Nordic Representation Office

11:05 Keynote

Keynote by Juliana Rotich, Co-founder, BRCK Inc. & Ushahidi Inc.

11:30 Panel discussion

A number of business leaders will discuss how companies can disrupt themselves.
• Anders Runevad, Group President & CEO, Vestas
• Peder Holk Nielsen, President & CEO, Novozymes
• Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Ice breaker

Social icebreaker for talents to meet their peers and see them in a whole new perspective.

14:15 SDG Case Challenges

Talents will interact with innovative, Danish companies and initiatives to solve specific business case challenges. Talents are divided into their UNLEASH themes and requested to provide onsite feedback on specific company cases.

16:30 Keynote

Aric Dromi, Futurologist, Volvo

17:00 Feedback on the SDG Case Challenges

From the main stage, companies will provide feedback on the SDG Case Challenges.

17:20 Keynote

Bjarke Ingels, Architecht & Founder, BIG and Anders Lendager, Architect and Founder, Lendager Group

17:50 Introducation to the UNLEASH innovation lab

Introduction to the UNLEASH program and how the talents will work for the next nine days by:
Bahare Haghshenas, SDG Innovation Lead, Monitor Deloitte
Jackie Stenson, SDG Innovation Manager & Founder of Essmart

18:00 BBQ Dinner and DJ
21:00 Exploring CPH

Talents are free to roam around Copenhagen on their own or take a shuttle bus back to the hotels.

Day 3

Monday, August 14: SDG Road Maps, City Hall, and Folk High School check-in
07:00 Breakfast and check-out

Breakfast is served at the respective hotels. Talents staying at Steel House will need to be checked out at 07:15. They will be picked up at 07:30 in front of the hotel. Talents staying at Danhostel will need to be checked out by 07:45 All luggage will be placed at Danhostel.

08:00 SDG Road Maps

Based on theme focus, talents are divided into small groups lead by several UNLEASH volunteers. Each group visits and engages with Copenhagen-based companies with an innovative SDG focus.

12:00 Panel debate: Big Bets for the SDGs

Talents convene at Copenhagen City Hall for “Rådhuspandekager”, a special type of pancakes made at City Hall, served only to special guests. Here there will be a panel debate about making Big Bets for a sustainable future with:
Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs of
Connie Hedegaard, Chair of KR Foundation and former European
Commissioner for Climate Action in the European Commission
Karsten Dybvad, CEO of Confederation of Danish Industries

13:00 Transportation to Folk High Schools

After City Hall, volunteers guide all talents to Danhostel for bus pick-up. Here, talents are divided into their themes and driven to their respective Folk High School. Please note that one theme might have more than one bus. Some themes will have company visits on the way to the Folk High School.

18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00 Welcome at Folk High Schools

Introduction to the culture of the Folk High Schools combined with a tour of the premises.

Day 4

Tuesday, August 15: Innovation Lab #1
08:00 Breakfast and morning assembly
09:00 Introduction to the UNLEASH Innovation Process and sharing insights

Talents are introduced to the UNLEASH Innovation Lab and the facilitator team. They share insights into global challenges and begin to synthesize these insights into problem framings.

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Forming problem framings and themes

Talents continue to share insights and synthesize them into problem framings. Teams are formed around problem framings.

18:00 Dinner
19:30 Folk High School activity

Day 5

Wednesday, August 16: Innovation Lab #2
08:00 Breakfast and morning assembly
09:00 Teams co-create solutions

Teams are introduced to the practical aspects of moving through the UNLEASH Innovation Process. Teams then work at their own pace to co-create their SDG solutions.

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Teams co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

18:00 Dinner
20:00 Team co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

Day 6

Thursday, August 17: Innovation Lab #3
08:00 Breakfast and morning assembly
09:00 Teams co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Team co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

18:00 Dinner
19:00 Teams co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

Day 7

Friday, August 18: Innovation Lab #4
08:00 Breakfast and morning assembly
09:00 Teams co-create solutions

Teams continue working on solutions at the various stages in the process.

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Preparation for Marketplace

Teams continue to work on their SDG solutions in preparation for the final Marketplace.

17:00 Marketplace

Teams display their prototypes, concepts, and problem framings. Community members are invited to see the work of the talents.

18:30 Dinner
19:30 Social

After an intense week of hard work, the talents will have the opportunity to party, and socialize.

Day 8

Saturday, August 19: Welcome to Aarhus and mentor feedback
08:00 Transport to Aarhus

The timing of transport differs from each Folk High School. Talents must pack and be ready for the bus at the time given at their Folk High School. The baggage will be dropped off at the hotel assigned to the talents in Aarhus. Talents can check-in at their respective hotels from 15:00.

12:00 Welcome to Aarhus at Bestseller

The talents will be welcomed to Aarhus.

Lars Kroijer, Founder of AlliedCrowds, will talk about how to best secure investments in the talents’ solutions and how to pitch ideas.

14:00-18:00 Mentor feedback

The teams fine-tune their prototypes, implementation plans and pitches with feedback from mentors. Meetings are held at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus Katedralskole and Navitas, with work space available at each location. The meetings must be booked in advance. Information on booking can be found on the UNLEASH community.

18:00-20:00 Dinner

Talents will be dining at either Navitas, Aarhus Katedralskole or Aarhus School of Architecture. They will receive a meal-ticket, which will indicate their dinner location.

19:00-23:59 Mentor feedback [continued]

Teams continue to finalize their solutions and pitch presentations with feedback from both local and global mentors. The schools will stay open until midnight.

00:00 deadline for pitch submission and walk back to hotels

Talents will need to submit their pitch before 00:00. Talents can choose to work at the schools as long as they like, and talents are responsible for finding their own way back to their respective hotels.

Day 9

Sunday, August 20: UNLEASH Festival, Pitch sessions and Dragons' Den
07:00 Breakfast at the hotels

Talents should be ready to leave no later than 07:30.

08:00 Pitch sessions at Aarhus University #1

Volunteers will guide the talents from their respective hotels to Aarhus University. Here, all teams present their final pitch to their peers. Talents within each theme will select the top 12 teams to advance based on on-site voting.

11:00-15:00 UNLEASH Festival starts

UNLEASH Festival – Be the Change is a public event that takes place in Aarhus, August 20-21. The ambition is to create local awareness around the 17 SDGs while UNLEASH is in town..

12 refugee shelters, donated by EverShelter, are linked to specific SDG themes, which set the framework for the event. Each shelter will facilitate knowledge sharing and inspirational experiences surrounding the SDGs.

Read more here.

12:00 Lunch at Aarhus University
13:00 Pitch sessions at Aarhus University #2

The best theme pitches from pitch session #1 are invited to pitch in front of a thematic expert judging panel. The other talents are invited to watch. The top two solutions will be invited for final pitches at ‘Dragons’ Den’ at BESTSELLER.

17:00 Dragons’ Den at BESTSELLER

All talents convene at BESTSELLER, where the top two teams from each theme are invited to pitch their idea on stage in front of a top jury of investors and mentors in an interactive ‘Dragons’ Den’ format. At the end, seven awards, one for each track, will be given to the winning teams.

20:00 SDG Talent dinner and party

The talents are invited to celebrate the culmination of the Innovation Lab in Turbinehallen.

Day 10

Monday, August 21: Post-event planning, UNLEASH Festival and UNLEASH Awards Show presented by BESTSELLER
07:00-09:30 Breakfast at the hotel and check-out

Talents leaving Aarhus on the 21st should check out of the hotel in the morning. They need to take their baggage to Musikhuset themselves, where it will be kept until departure.

10:00-12:00 Implementation meetings at ARoS

Talents convene at the art museum ARoS to discuss next steps for their solutions and their personal commitments to implementing SDG solutions after UNLEASH.

12:00-13:00 Lunch and partner match-up

While picking up lunch, talents have a chance to meet with investors, companies and foundations to discuss potential funding opportunities.

13:00 UNLEASH festival and panel discussion

Talents will go by the UNLEASH Festival – Be the Change. The festival takes place in front of Musikhuset, where there will be a panel discussion moderated by Lance Gould.

14:00-14:45 Talents check into Musikhuset

Check-in at Musikhuset starts at 14:00. All talent will have to be checked into Musikhuset by 14:45.

15:00 UNLEASH Awards Show Presented by BESTSELLER

All talents will join the final awards show, along with partners, and special guests. There will be keynotes and awards will be given in five different categories to be best SDG solutions. The keyhanger works as an entrance ticket.

18:00 Farewell reception

The talents will be part of the farewell reception in the foyer of Musikhuset with their peers in the first UNLEASH cohort.

19:30 Departure for Copenhagen

Buses will transport the talents back to Copenhagen.

Day 11

Tuesday, August 22
09:00 Departure for Copenhagen

Buses will transport the talents back to Copenhagen.

11:00 Departure for Copenhagen

Buses will transport the talents back to Copenhagen.