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UNLEASH offers three different programs for the SDGs: UNLEASH Innovation Lab, which is a global gathering of young people, UNLEASH Hacks, which are local hackathons solving sustainability challenges, and UNLEASH Plus an incubator program for young people who are actively building a solution. Finally, UNLEASH also offers a UNLEASH Community which includes opportunities for participants from all our programs.

In 2021, UNLEASH Partnered with Race For Oceans to organize local beach clean-ups. Learn more about the program here.

Innovation Lab

An annual gathering of young talent

The UNLEASH Innovation Labs are annual events taking place in a new country each year. The program usually selects 1,000 young people from around the world for a week-long innovation process and cultural experience, where they collaborate on solutions that address the SDGs.

In 2022, UNLEASH Innovation Lab will take place in Karnataka, India.

Learn more here.


An Incubator co-hosted by Chemonics International

UNLEASH Plus is a global 6-month incubation program for entrepreneurs working on social or environmental challenges, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The program provides teams with the right skills, mindsets, and resources to test and launch their solutions, and design them for large-scale impact.

Co-hosted with Chemonics International, the program supports teams with an early prototype to become an impactful organization, and enables them to create an effective strategy, build a solid team, develop clear financials towards fundraising, measure their impact, and start reaching their users. Participants access applicable learning materials, join interactive workshops, and receive direct support from world-class experts. Facilitated connections to investors and partners are made throughout the program to accelerate teams’ intended positive impact.


Learn more aboutUNLEASH Plus 2021 here.


Localized hackathons for the SDGs

The UNLEASH Hacks are localized innovation processes addressing sustainability challenges in specific contexts. With the UNLEASH community and methodology as a foundation, they can be highly adapted to local needs. Through a collaborative 2-day event, organized by UNLEASH Alumni, passionate talents work with local stakeholders and community leaders to collectively solve problems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more about Hacks here.

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