A global campaign for plastic-free oceans Race for Oceans


In 2021, UNLEASH is partnering with Race for Oceans and the Bestseller Foundation to launch a global campaign for SDG 14: Life in the Oceans. Sign up as a champion to receive training and a stipend for community leadership and create a meaningful impact for oceans in your local community!

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Partnering on a pressing global challenge

Race for Oceans and UNLEASH have partnered with Bestseller Foundation to unlock the power of the global UNLEASH 4,000-member community to address SDG 14: Life Below Water. By globalizing Race for Oceans, we can bring more awareness and power to drive change and collective action on the challenge of ocean plastic.

The Race for Oceans Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness about SDG 14 by engaging the local community in a fun, informational and inclusive manner.


Launching Race for Oceans globally

The Race for Oceans concept combines sports, beach clean-up and knowledge-sharing. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the increasing plastic pollution in the waters around us. In 2021, we are inviting champions from all over the world to organize one-day Race for Oceans in their own communities to raise local awareness about an urgent challenge and highlight the power of collective action!

Champions will be invited to participate in free-of-cost online training that will equip them to become community leaders and partner with relevant environmental organizations. UNLEASH will provide around-the-clock support as well as a stipend to cover event expenses to ensure that each event receives the support needed to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference.


Become a global champion!

Everyone, regardless of age, nationality, experience and residence can become a Race for Oceans champion! Members of the UNLEASH Community are especially encouraged, but anyone is welcome to join in. All you need is passion to fight for plastic-free oceans and availability during training sessions, which take place every other week in September and October 2021.

Champions will be featured on UNLEASH’s and Race for Oceans’ social media channels, meet inspiring organizations, become part of a global network of changemakers, receive an official certificate of leadership, and receive preferential status for other UNLEASH programs (with airfare and accommodation fully covered)!

Want to leave your mark on a critical issue? Stay tuned and sign up when our form is open from August 10th – 31st, 2021. In case of questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Howcan I become a champion?

Stay tuned for updates by following @unleashlab and @raceforoceans on our social media channels! Our sign up form will be open from August 10th to 31st, and we will be releasing more information about the opportunity periodically.

Questions? You are welcome to write us at [email protected]g! We will respond to all inquiries as soon as we can.