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5G Oil

Communities are polluting the environment with used cooking oil from domestic use. 5G Oil will be helping the communities find an eco-friendly way to get rid of their used cooking oil and recycling it into viable cleaning products.


Waste management systems are focused more on the recycling of plastics and organic solid waste neglecting used cooking oil (UCO) as a source of land and water pollution. About 16.54 million tons of used cooking oil are produced every year among the largest producing countries and regions.  In most communities, households are getting rid of used cooking oil by pouring it down the drains because there is no collection system for recycling and/or because they lack awareness on environmentally friendly practices.


We have designed a UCO collection and processing system to give value to UCO as a raw material. Social awareness sessions will be held in the residential areas, street markets and near local grocery stores to make households aware of the environmental problems that arise as a result of pouring oil down their drains. Concurrently we are going to be recycling cooking oil containers as viable cooking oil collection bins for households. Finally we will be collecting UCO from households and processing it into eco-friendly cleaning products such as soap. Our users are the families/households and our customers will include the hospitality sector and the community.


The solution is filling in a gap that is currently existing in the recycling industry that is under-estimating the value of UCO. We will become the first eco=friendly company to not only collect used oil from households but also provide a solution to clean the sea and promote economic growth in the area.


The solution will reduce water pollution, create new markets, generate employment, boost the circular economy and give value to waste cooking oil. We will measure the impact gradually by creating target volumes for the UCO in a given time period as well as the revenue generated from the production.

Next Steps

First we are going to engage with the local municipalities and local communities and we will also make the awareness campaign materials as well as collect the cooking oil containers dumbed by the community. We will place our customized UCO bins (recycled cooking oil containers) in every household for oil collection. Meanwhile we are going to be looking for investment to set up our pilot plant.

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