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ada Delivery Aide

A delivery aide that brings essentials to vulnerable self-isolating people.


The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many countries across the globe have been on lockdown and millions have been mandated to self isolate and prevent the spread of the virus.

This means that many people especially the elderly and vulnerable have become worried about getting the essential supplies they need without putting their health at risk and local retailers are finding it hard to meet the demand for home deliveries because of the high number of people at home.


Ada is a delivery aide bringing essentials like food, medicine and household items to vulnerable self-isolating people.

It aggregates basic needs from people, matches them with local retailers and shops and utilises existing delivery channels while minimising person-person contact. It allows people access the essentials they need without putting their health at risk.


We need funding to cover the costs of designing and launching our platform. Our platform will require advertising and marketing to bring users onboard hence the need for input from marketing expert. We are a Business-business-customer enterprise and this will require help in communications to foster ideal relationships with our major stakeholders as well as support from the local government. In the long run, our goal is to use autonomous delivery channels that include drones and pods. That is why we need legal support to navigate through the challenges of shifting our platform from using current delivery companies to using autonomous systems in support of developing smart cities. Such delivery systems will require development of infrastructure for the AVs. We need more exposure to promote linkage with the SMEs to grow in prioritising their local communities through our platform.

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