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Validating news around Covid-19 on WhatsApp


As covid-19 cases begin to increase in South Asia, older people in the region need an easily accessible source of reliable information when leaders fail to effective community prevention and mitigation policies.

The most commonly used platform amongst older people, age 50 and above, in South Asia is WhatsApp.

The messaging app does not just serve as a communication tool but also as a source of information as thousands of ‘forwarded’ messages from unreliable sources continue to be shared daily. A hotline that clarifies information on the platform is cost-effective, brings the youth together to work on a solution from their homes, and helps provide correct information to people who don’t otherwise get it.


In South Asia, WhatsApp isn’t just a communication tool but also a source of information where thousands of ‘forwarded’ messages from unreliable sources are shared daily.

We want to use the youth’s higher digital literacy to help the older members of the community navigate through the information overload on WhatsApp about Covid-19.

Our solution will be a verified Whatsapp-based hotline, led by young volunteers in the community, to offer instant verification for information sent by users.


Technical support to establish Whatsapp-based hotline


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