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Covid Movement Map

A website portal for tracking COVID-19 affected areas in Bangladesh


Under unavoidable circumstances, users in developing countries have a higher vulnerability to infection while putting others at risk of Coronavirus due to lack of access to accurate information to make informed decisions about essential movements during the lockdown period.

Through accurate information delivered in a simple, easy and visually appealing way the solution is directly contributing to reducing panic-buying, increasing social distancing and the overall containment and prevention of the spread of COVID-19.


A responsive website portal that displays a map (integrated with Google GIS) and provides near real-time updates on the number and location of currently affected Covid-19 patients, quarantined individuals, doctors, test centers, hospitals, pharmacies, superstores and locked down areas. Locations are flagged as risk zones on the map using different colors (green, yellow and red) symbolizing the degree of risk in visiting them or around them.

The solution also offers safe and alternative routes for essential movement between two destinations based on the risk zones. Hospitals, and pharmacies can input details about available doctors, testing, admission, beds, medicines, masks, sanitizers etc. into the portal for the public to view and make informed-decision for choosing where and when to go.

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