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An open data platform for self-observation


One of the reasons the virus spread so quickly was that the authorities didn’t react quickly to lockdown and test every citizen when it was just a localized outbreak in the Wuhan province of China. That allowed it to turn into an epidemic centred in China. The world was still slow to react to it by not testing enough and letting the aviation industry spread it to every corner of the world turning into an epidemic.

While China was intially slow to react to the menace it was effective in curbing it through sheer amount of testing and isolating the patients thereby setting a potential template for the rest of the world to deal with it.

The examples of China, South Korea ,Taiwan, Germany etc teach us that Coronavirus can be dealt with a combination of testing, isolation and preparedness of the medical infrastructure. This is also the approach that the WHO has been advocating according to whom, the best way to deal with the novel Coronavirus is to test as much population as a possible and put those infected in isolation.


We aim to bridge the gap between the supply and demand through an easily accessible socio-technological by promoting self observation and self isolation through an open data platform for self observation and self isolation where people can answer a HRA questionnaire and be advised with risk factors and the mesaures suggested by WHO for their specific health data.

We strive to leverage this data set for analyzing and visualizing the nature of the virus transmission in regards to the geography and most vulnerable demographics.


We would need server space and a geo-spatial data specialist.

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