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Large scale sports events today are one of the major contributors of plastic waste. Although plastic as a material has high user-friendly qualities - it is also designed to be disposed of, thereby resulting in huge plastic waste and negatively impacting the image of the event sponsors. We help our clients plan, execute, collect the plastic waste produced in events and co-creating the recycled items at the end of the event.

Our team is addressing the problem of SDG 12 -The Sustainable Production and Consumption; in the area of large scale sports events which contribute high volume of plastic waste and SDG at risk in the long run.

Major international sport events create an average of 50 tons of plastic waste with the 15-20% recycling rate, ultimately creating substantial environmental and economic loss. Governments, participants and the public are urging event organizers to avoid mass plastic waste at events. However, there are limited alternatives to plastic bottles and cups used at the events. Plastics have user-friendly qualities but are usually designed to be disposed of.

We offer our clients a one-stop solution for the collection and recycling of the plastic waste of events, in collaboration with partners. We ensure that all plastic items to be used during the event are designed to be recycled and will be involved in the events planning stage. We are also responsible for proper collection and recycling of the waste generated with the help of our implementing partners to help achieve the sustainability agenda for the sponsors.

We provide four main services: 1) consult where we work with our customer, the sponsor of sport event, to provide them with the operational plan for the business;

2) co-create the products which can be used during the event;

3) collect them back after the event to; 4) re-create plastic products from the leftovers to close the product loop

Our customers are international sports event sponsors who are interested in making events more sustainable and improving their public image. The one stop solution we have, provides the convenience for sponsors without the essential skills and knowledge to achieve their goal on sustainability.

We offer the know-how on technological developments in plastic waste management; innovate with reliable partners; offer its clients a one-stop solution for the collection; and recycle the plastic waste at events in collaboration with partners to ensure the sustainability agenda is kept in check

Our direct competition are Event management companies working for clients looking for sustainability. Indirect competitors are recycling companies that manage the waste of the events currently.

Most event companies have tight deadlines with a focus on event operations instead of sustainability. It is a common practice for them to outsource the plastic waste collection process to external vendors, following a linear model and not prioritizing the goal of sustainability.

By ensuring all used plastics cup and bottle are being recycled, we expect to recycle up to a minimum of 95% of the plastic items. Being the supplier and the collector of the plastic for the event, we will be able to gauge the efficiency of the whole process, thereby measuring the overall impact through recycling by calculating the amount of plastic being recycled. In addition, we can help event organizers and sponsors to spread the agenda of sustainability among participants.

Next Steps

  • Phase 1: Setting up the logistics and networks in place; looking for reliable partners and -suppliers; project from potential sponsors.
  • Phase 2: Project based business; work on project which can potentially take up to 6 months for it to be completed.

Immediate Requests
The team will need help with developing a commercialization strategy and get in contact with advisors and mentors.

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