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Kampong Decks

This project proposes to utilize free spaces in the ‘void decks’ of HDB housing blocks across Singapore, with the ambition of increasing senior citizen participation in communal activities. Integrating a ‘Kampong’ (communal) spirit in public spaces could increase social interaction and strengthen communal bonds, thus reducing loneliness and social isolation amongst the participating elderly. A design catalogue with guidelines and possible ideas for creating Kampong Decks will be published.


Populations across the globe are experiencing aging demographics, and this is leading to an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. Despite Singapore’s apparent openness and inclusivity, its aging population is facing an increasing epidemic of loneliness and social isolation as the city struggles to provide tools and active spaces for community interaction. This is mainly caused by societal shifts and new family structures.


Underutilized void decks (often empty semi-public space under high rise HDB buildings) will be transformed into active and communal places, through a collective and inclusive process of initiating, deciding, designing and implementing relevant interventions. This process could result in infinite possibilities, but all would aim to facilitate and sustain communal inclusiveness and involvement.

Our users are elderly people living in high rise buildings (HDB) across Singapore (and similar countries).


The solution is innovative in creating a combined cultural (the Kampong spirit) and social design (community organizing) by utilizing an unused space to alleviate the problem in question – social isolation amongst elderly communities.

The idea will need support from the Housing Development Board (HDB) to be able to implement the project. We could approach the Silver Generation Club, the local community centers and/or the FSC (Family Service Centers) for collaboration and financial sup


By empowering residents in local projects that create community, the project will transform perceptions of elderly citizens’ role in society and the pervading sense of them being a ‘burden’. This will lead to more meaningful retirement and improved mental and physical health. The project will have an obvious positive impact beyond the elderly community, improving conditions for other residents, local business through increased activity and a sense of welcome.

Next Steps

Data responses from the elderly will be collected and reviewed after initial implementations of Kampong Deck prototypes and activities to improve on current ideas, generate new sustainable ideas and adjusting the participatory design.

Immediate Requests

To further our idea, we will need help with getting connections to funding opportunities and seed investment.

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