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Platform for upskilling professionals


Even though Government is taking all the measurable steps to address the panic in people regarding their safety and employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, there could be massive pay-cuts and job losses in the private sector and skilled labour might lose their jobs.


With the current and post pandemic economic situations, we’ll be facing a decline is jobs and increase in layoffs.

To tackle the vulnerability of our current working force, professionals need to regularly upskill and cross-skill to stay relevant in the job market.

Cross-functional professionals are estimated to easily land a job but we do not have a way to find career paths.

We shall be leveraging the entire suite of Open Courseware and Freely-available paid courses in these times of COVID-19 to boost learning in a quarantine phase.

The machine learning and AI powered platform provides personalized course recommendations considering user’s previous job profile, skills and interest in the best available market with high growth opportunity.


Need of a learning path to pivot career towards the hot sectors that would stay relevant in the upcoming times of recession. A lot of tech companies have opened their learning modules/certifications for free but the professionals are struggling with which ones to take in the wake of unavailability of proper learning paths.

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