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The soil fertility in Bangladesh is decreasing below 1% of organic particles. As the global average is around 3,5%, especially small rural farmers are facing decline in yields. Therefore, they are having problems to pursue their business and use more chemical fertilizers to overcome the problem with a short-term perspective. As manly women are working the farms, while the men work on secondary income, MATI focuses on educating female farmers in rural areas to overcome the decrease through sustainable farming and organic fertilizers as a long-term solution.


Therefore, we ended up focusing on small scale female farmers in north Bangladesh in the Uttar Boalia Village. The women in this rural area are lacking the knowledge and education on environmental farming, as they are now overusing chemical fertilization, and over cultivating their lands to grow crops. This results in a lower fertility of the land and is not a long term sustainable solution.
This is a problem not only in Bangladesh but also in many developing countries.


Our solution is an IVR service, which facilitates a community-based learning environment for knowledge sharing through voice messages, peer to peer learning and mentorship. We will ensure that women are getting knowledge from other female farmers.

Step 1 – Initial meeting and content
• Meeting to convince men
• Content creation a
• Connects farmers to mentors within the region
• Connects women farmers  to each other
• Top 10 users at the end of the week get air time

Step 2 – IVR system and tele-network
• Works on regular cell phone
• IVR messages on sustainable agricultural practices

Step 3 – Super User
• Gets extra training and receive certificate and a smartphone

Step 4
• Answers the call to listen to Key messages
• Messages – are instructional and give information
• Interacts with other female farmers on the platform


There are other programs on the marked, but our solution is unique compared with the existing solutions as we are focusing on IVR as a communication channel and will:
• We will have accountability
• We will ensure ownership and anchoring of short-term Programs
• We will be transparent

– Local NGO’s
– Existing fertilizers and pesticides companies


We will empower women in rural areas and raise the level of knowledge.


Next Steps

We will need to go to Bangladesh and do more interviews and research our target users.


Immediate Requests

Mentorship, Organizational sponsorship, Funding by Philanthropical Organisations, Government support