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Young male professionals from the middle class in New Delhi need a safe space to discuss sexual relationships. This is due to a flawed and gender segregated sexual education system that does not equip youth in India with the proper guidance for healthy relationships and how they might avoid sexual violence. To tackle this problem, our solution suggests a virtual reality game that tears down gender communication barriers through an emphatic experience installed as a pop-up.

One in three women will experience physical or sexual violence before 15. 90% of the sexual violence will be conducted by someone close. 53% of children in India will experience sexual abuse.

Delhi is a mega-city and one of the worst for sexual violence. Patriarchy is known to be toxic in India and some argue men are still adapting to the increase of independent women in their cities. There are lifetime physical and psychological consequences of sexual intimate partner violence.

Sexual education still focuses on adolescent fertility rather than continued learning on gender dynamics, increasing urbanization, high rate of sexual violence in India. Moreover, the lack of understanding due to generational gaps cause fear and shame to discuss sexual relationships and values in public.


A virtual Reality Game called ‘PE[R’SPECT]TIVE’ tears down gender communication barriers through an emphatic experience as a way of a pop-up event. Users can interact independently with an avatar of the opposite gender where they can select conversational prompts. At the end of the interaction, the avatar gives testimony, pulled from real stories, about their sexual history. This includes sexual assault stories. This will help users build healthy relationships in their lives and communities and be a safe space to discuss gender and sexual dynamics, which can ultimately contribute to redefining gender and sexual normative paradigm.

The users will be young male professionals from different backgrounds in Delhi, India. The intervention will provide users with the opportunity of contemplating the problems related to sexual violence as an educative tool, which leads to help them create healthier relationships in the future.


Our solution enables technology to address the issue of sexual violence with users in a fun and educative way. By offering immersive experiences, the user can interact with the game to learn and empathize with the other gender. This will be an experiential learning tool to perpetuate dialogue.

Vantage Point, a US-based startup, has launched a VR to demonstrate how to deal with sexual assault. Our solution focuses on creating a space where different genders comfortably talk and discuss.

In India, the VR market is still a new field but expected to grow in use by 76 % over the next 5 years. Further it allows for a safe, immersive and interactive space to explore different perspectives on sexuality.


Our solution, in line with the SDG 11, looks at an emerging mega city, with a rising population and shifting demographics and aspires to ensure that the city is inclusive for women. Further, the qualitative and quantitative data collected on this platform can be analyzed via predictive analytics to identify national trends and potentially shared with national public policy analysts in order to design services.

Next Steps

Identify VR developers in India and create a steering committee to gather insights on a way forward as well as identify potential sponsors. Identify technologists, designers and nonprofits in India to assist us in testing and designing our product.

Immediate Requests

To further our idea, we will need help with the product / service validation and support with creating a financial model.

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