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‘Something on Wheels’

Low income earners in Ghana do not have the knowledge and examples on how to use waste materials to build sustainable houses. People need homes in Ghana and the poor waste management affects the environment and causes diseases. Therefore, we seek to provide young low-income earners with knowledge, education and examples on how to recycle waste to build their own sustainable houses via a mobile factory which we call: 'Something on Wheels.'


Amongst the 15 global challenges, sustainable development and climate change are the global challenges that we are addressing. Our solution would result in cleaner communities and the provision of sustainable houses and consequently contribute to achieving sustainable cities and communities.

Low income earners in Ghana do not build sustainable houses with recycled waste. Also, they do not have the knowledge and examples to build these homes with recycled materials. There are many experiences in the world of building houses using waste. Our solution can benefit approximately 1.5 million low income earners in Ghana.


The concept of the mobile factory which we call ‘Something on Wheels’ is a truck with simple machines and techniques that would convert waste materials into building materials in situ. This mobile factory will go to the communities of the customers so that more customers are served. The truck would have instructors (engineers, architects, professors, researchers) who would educate the young low-income earners and encourage them to deposit waste on the truck and learn solutions and examples of how to build sustainable homes with waste.

The customers are the young low-income earners who want to build sustainable houses and the users include NGOs who want to help manage waste in Ghana. The solution provides a wide array of values to the customers and users. The customers will learn new skills on how to build homes with recycled waste, waste pollution would reduce drastically and jobs would be created.


The mobile factory providing building materials from recycled waste in situ, would be the first of its kind in Ghana. The building materials would be new, ecological, sustainable and interesting. This would lead to an awareness on the need for sustainable cities and communities in Ghana.

There are no know competitors as other local NGOs would not reach so many people in their communities in the same time as the Factory on Wheels does, and other NGOs do not have the machines and techniques.


The solution would reach more people in Ghana, by teaching them new skills, building them new houses and creating small construction business opportunities. The impact could be measured by the number of houses made with waste after the first year.

Next Steps

Talk with local NGOs about the project, find communities that might set the first examples, making networking with officials and construction sector, find proper solutions to make building materials for specific waste.

Immediate Requests

To further our idea, we will need help with product / service validation as wel as support with creating a financial model.

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