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The COVID policies announced by the Indian Government seem easy to be executed for the formal sector, but excludes the informal sector of instant benefits due to issues of last mile connectivity.The families of Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin in the informal unorganised sector who do not have a source of income need supply of necessities such as food and hygiene as committed by the state and central governments because of the wide gap in last mile connectivity and broken linkages between supply and demand of such basic goods and services at the time of an unanticipated nationwide lockdown imposed due to COVID19 that has caused a socio-economic-health shock for the vulnerable groups.


“thelink” shall work as a bridge  to hygienically deliver essential goods package using a van directly to the vulnerable families in a cluster based approach on a biweekly basis. The van will also display the awareness campaign and also display COVID helpline number given by the government. The package will have assorted materials sourced from PDS/Deen Dayal stores, packed under sanitized environment, transported without any human interference, delivered at doorstep without human interaction and re-sanitizated during delivery. This could further be scaled up (to other geographies) and scaled out (to more goods and services) in subsequent months.


We plan to seek guidance and support from private sector firms or philanthropic organisations, which would want to fund the project using their CSR funds. Any leads would be appreciated. Additionally, we might crowdfund the funds required for the pilot. Our goal is to source 48 Lakhs INR.

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