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City officials in urban US cities who have vulnerable populations of low-/no-income need to provide a reliable safe physical space that meets sanitation needs and functions as a point of reference for local entities to share trustworthy resources and knowledge about COVID-19 because the existing facilities unhoused communities rely on to get information and fulfill their sanitation needs (e.g. libraries, restaurants, transit centers) are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We propose a campaign/initiative for cities to partner with local nonprofits who serve unhoused communities to unlock and open public restrooms in parks and make them sites for unhoused communities to use the bathroom, and get reliable print information and instruction about COVID-19 sanitation procedures and local support resources.

While handwashing stations help, COVID-19 can also be transmitted through open defecation, which is a public risk – toilet access is just as crucial.


City partners, conversations with nonprofits, connect with Bloomberg Philanthropies

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