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Inefficient irrigation practices and management in small scale farming in developing countries is worsening water scarcity. WIT4FARMERS is an interactive platform enables farmers to save water, generate data and connects farmers with commercial actors (banks and agricultural companies). It would not only improve water situation in these areas, but also contribute to poverty allevation, food security, climate adaptation, ecosystem restoration and strengthen institutional capacity building.


Around 80% of world’s food is produced by smallholder farmers and 70% of water withdrawals goes to agriculture. About 50% of water is lost due to inefficient irrigation.

Optimizing the water management of these farmers is essential for retaining water flows and helping farmers to adapt to climate change impacts. Water use in current agriculture in these regions is not optimal. In addition, water allocation by water administration bodies is not effective.

The awareness of small scale farmers about good water management practices is low which is the key factor influencing water scarcity.

Water administration in many developing countries only measure water flow in the main canal, they have no accurate data on individual farmer‘s water use. Since they lack this information they are unable to distribute water according to the needs and water uses of different stakeholders.


WIT4FARMERS is a mobile platform enabling farmers to save water and connects them to banks and agricultural companies which provide credits, products and services.

What makes our platform unique is that it is interactive and connects farmers with commercial actors as banks, farm insurance companies, and agricultural companies to help them increase their productivity and market their products.

It provides farmers with information on water efficient irrigation practices and nutrient management. In return they provide real time irrigation data, which is often missing in developing countries.

This is shared with the water administration allowing them to distribute the limited water supply more efficiently benefiting entire communities.


Our platform is interactive and user friendly. It provides farmers with guidence on their irrigation, nutrient management, new crop practices, techniques, early warning & adaptation to floods and droughts.

There are several farm apps on the market but what makes our platform unique is a function which generates new data by having farmers report their irrigation volumes which is submitted to the water administration, allowing them to distribute the water according to needs of each farm.

The water administration produces a report with all farmers water use connected to a ranking system incentivizing farmers to optimize their water use by giving priority to credit and rental of farm equipment.

The platform offers a bundle of services including weather, crop management practices, direct contact with agrobusinesses, credit renting of eqipment which allows farmers to increase productivity, reduce labor costs by moving towards mechanization, save energy and increase cost/benefit ratio.


Optimizing the water use of farmers will reduce competition with other industries, ecosystems, energy sector & domestic users sharing the same water.

Water saving and high agricultural productivity will lead to food security, rural development and poverty alleviation.

Our solution will reduce energy needs for water pumping from streams and rivers, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as many small farms use diesel for their pumps.

By having farmers optimizing their water use, even limited water supply can ensure access to large group of farmers, helping to build resilience to climate change impacts such as drought on a basin level.

Our service will reduce pressure on rivers and streams, helping to retain water flows and protect the species and creating an environment where birds, mammals fish and amphibians can thrive.

It will also reduce problems such as land degradation and desertification.

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