UNLEASH Ambassadors 2023 FAQ

Applying for the Ambassador Program

When does the application close?

Applications for the UNLEASH Ambassadors 2023-24 program end on May 2.

Can I apply to the Ambassador Program as part of a team?

It is not possible to submit an application as a team. UNLEASH will be selecting Ambassadors based on individual applications.

If I represent other organizations, e.g. OYW, TFF, Climate Reality, am I eligible to apply?

Absolutely! Being part of other like-minded communities will not disqualify you. Feel free to elaborate on any relevant experience in your application.

Can existing UNLEASH Ambassadors apply?

Yes! If you missed the deadline to continue into the program automatically but were part of the program in either 2021 or 2022 you are welcome to apply.

I haven’t participated in an UNLEASH Program, can I still be an UNLEASH Ambassador?

No. To be an UNLEASH Ambassador you must have previously participated in one of our programs. If you participate this year, you can apply in 2024.

I was an UNLEASH participant in 2017 and haven’t participated in any activities since, can I also apply?

Yes! We would love to reengage community members from the earlier years of UNLEASH. All community members are welcome to apply.

Is there an age limit to apply?

Yes. You need to have been 35 or under at the time of your first UNLEASH participation. This age requirement is across all the UNLEASH programs.

I am a digital nomad and change my location 2-3 times a year. Am I eligible for the Ambassador Program?

Yes! You do not have to be physically present in a country in order to act as Ambassador. However, we encourage you to think about where in the world you feel you can have the greatest UNLEASH impact and if you are able to do so in the next 12 months.

About the Ambassador Program cohort

How many Ambassadors will be selected?

With the combination of new and ongoing Ambassadors, we expect the 2023-24 program to include approximately 30 new Ambassadors. All new Ambassadors will be selected based on their submitted application, with consideration given to the diversity of the overall cohort.

What countries/regions will you select Ambassadors from?

While it is not yet possible to have one Ambassador per country, participants in the Ambassador Program should reflect the UNLEASH Community, meaning there will be representation across all continents and regions. In 2023-24, Ambassadors are not expected to act as official regional representatives but uphold UNLEASH values within their local community.

Can I collaborate with individuals who are not part of the Ambassador Program?

Of course! We encourage Ambassadors to engage individuals outside of the program.


How long does the program last?

The program runs for 12 months from the first workshop which will take place in June.

What is the time requirement to be an UNLEASH Ambassador?

That can vary depending on what part of the program you participate in, but as a general guideline, you should expect to participate on average 10 hours per month.

How is the Ambassador Program structured?

The 2023-2024 Ambassador Program provides dynamic and meaningful participation. As part of the program, Ambassadors are entrusted to play key roles in shaping the activities of UNLEASH now and into the future.

The Ambassador Program is developed around 3 pillars:

    • Community Initiatives (Including the Ambassador Program)
    • UNLEASH Hacks
    • Talent Experience

Activities around UNLEASH Plus, fundraising, communications support, etc., are still included but not integrated under the above pillars.

Each pillar is led by a committee of Ambassadors with a selection of pre-determined activities linked to each. Additional activities can be decided by the Committee members.

Can I join a committee as a first-time Ambassador?

No. The committees are made up of Ambassadors who have continued within the program.

How is participation measured?

We have a system where Ambassador activities are given a quantifiable value (between 1-6), with Ambassadors required to participate a certain amount (6 points worth) within a certain timeframe (12 months) to be eligible for the major program benefit (e.g., attending an Innovation Lab).

What happens if I am unable to actively participate?

Under most circumstances, you would still be part of the program with access to workshops and materials. However, you would not be eligible to join an UNLEASH Innovation Lab.

To what extent are individual Ambassadors expected to take on the activities outlined within the program?

The program will have some mandatory components that each Ambassador must complete. For example, all Ambassadors are expected to attend at least 50% of the quarterly Ambassadors Workshops, update their profiles on the UNLEASH Community platform, and be responsive to monthly communications.


Otherwise, the program aims for dynamic and individually shaped participation, where you can develop new skills or work within your areas of strength.

Will I be able to travel as an UNLEASH Ambassador?

Currently, the only travel connected to the program is connected to UNLEASH Innovation Labs.

If I am selected as an Ambassador do I automatically get to attend an Innovation Lab?

Not automatically. Attending an UNLEASH Innovation Lab is the culmination of an Ambassador’s contribution across the year(s). If you actively participate in the program, you will be eligible to attend an UNLEASH Innovation Lab within a 3-year period.

What would be an Ambassador role at an Innovation Lab?

That depends on your skill set! Ambassadors could be selected to be facilitators, or for community engagement.

Can I drop out of the program if I change my mind along the way?

By applying to the program, we expect that you can participate for a 12-month period. However, we know people’s circumstances change and at the end of the day, it is a voluntary program, where both the requirements and benefits are set up for those who can actively participate.

When will I know if I have been selected?

We will select and confirm all Ambassadors by early June 2023.

When does the program start?

The program will kick off with the first workshop in late June 2023.

Connection with other UNLEASH Programs

I have organized an UNLEASH Hack as part of an Organizing Team (OT). Can I also apply to be part of the Ambassador Program?

Definitely! Being part of one program does not disqualify you from being part of another. In fact, we welcome your experience as part of an OT and encourage you to mention that as relevant experience in your application.

I want to organize an UNLEASH Hack, can I do that as an Ambassador?

Yes, organizing an UNLEASH Hack is possible within the Ambassador Program.

Can I be an Ambassador if I don’t want to organize a Hack in 2023?

Yes! The 2023-24 Ambassador program requires active participation and includes some mandatory deliverables, but does not require you to organize a Hack. If you would like to do so, that option is available, but it is not mandatory!

Can I apply to UNLEASH Plus if I am part of the Ambassador Program?

Applications for UNLEASH Plus 2023 are closed. Whilst we encourage engaged talents to be part of multiple programs and work to ensure that you have the capacity and support needed to do both, you are unable to apply again before 2024.

Can I apply to attend an Innovation Lab as a Talent, if I am an Ambassador?

No.  Partaking in the Ambassador Program would result in you attending an Innovation Lab in an official UNLEASH capacity. Therefore you would not be able to apply to be a participant. Previous lab participants are not permitted to apply for future Labs, regardless of if you are an Ambassador or not.

Program Logistics

Will UNLEASH provide funds to cover expenses associated with hosting online or offline events?

That depends! For the Hacks, UNLEASH will cover basic event expenses such as (not limited to) subscriptions to Zoom accounts. For other UNLEASH activities, we provide a toolkit of free activity types and Ambassadors should not expect additional funding to be available. Ambassadors will not be expected to cover any expenses associated with the role, therefore we expect events to be designed in a format that aligns with this reality.

Is there a 1-year limit?

No, all Ambassador positions are eligible for renewal. Each year we do a review process, where Ambassadors can stay on board and new Ambassadors can be added. We love to keep engaged Ambassadors involved!

Will I work in teams or by myself?

The program provides Ambassadors with the chance to work mostly in small and changing teams.

Is the Ambassador program only online?

Most Ambassador group activities take place online. However, we hope community activities can also take place in your local community that are not online.

I don’t have regular access to the internet, can I still participate?

Yes. As most Ambassador group activities are performed online, scholarships are available to ensure you can connect within the program

Is it free to participate?

Yes, there is no cost involved in participating in the UNLEASH Ambassador Program.

Will I get paid?

No. UNLEASH Ambassadors are voluntary roles.

Can I promote my own company on the UNLEASH website?

No. As an Ambassador, we will promote you as an individual on our channels but not your company.