Innovation Labs

Since 2017, UNLEASH has hosted Innovation Labs in Denmark, Singapore, China, Greenland, India and Rwanda.

Read more about each of the Innovation Labs below.

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UNLEASH Rwanda 2023

The first UNLEASH Innovation Lab on the African continent took place in Kigali, Rwanda, from December 2 – 8, 2023.

Young passionate changemakers immersed themselves in a human-centered design thinking process to create a sustainable future, with Kigali – Africa’s leading start-up hub – as a backdrop to inspire radical innovation.

During the week, Talents had the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of Rwanda, the country of the thousand hills, to uncover new perspectives and encounter new experiences.

UNLEASH India 2022

Our last Global Innovation Lab was hosted in India, in the Infosys’ Mysuru Campus. 

Over the week, 1,000 young changemakers from +100 nationalities immersed themselves in the UNLEASH Methodology, which resulted in 175 solutions for 7 SDG-related thematic tracks.

To keep the creative juices flowing during the innovation process, Talents also explored the city of Mysore and got a taste of the Indian culture.

UNLEASH Greenland 2022

For the first time in UNLEASH’s history, we hosted our first Regional Innovation Lab in Nuuk, Greenland, from August 20-27 in 2022.

The Lab focused on addressing sustainability challenges in the Arctic, and was anchored in the Greenlandic context thanks to our local partners and inspiring stakeholders who introduced the 200 Talents to Greenland’s culture.

UNLEASH China 2019

The UNLEASH Innovation Lab took place in the vibrant city of Shenzhen from November 6-13 in 2019.  

UNLEASH Singapore 2018



In May 2018, UNLEASH invited 1,000 Talents from all over the world to Singapore, where they created real, scalable solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

UNLEASH Denmark 2017

The first-of-its-kind UNLEASH Innovation Lab took place in Copenhagen in August 2017. Talents spent one week in Danish high schools, getting to know an alternative educational system to ignite their creative thinking.

Solutions from previous Innovation Labs