Mobilize your community

Would you like to spark innovation in your community? Do you want to bring people together to tackle some of the challenges that your community is affected by?

Organize an UNLEASH Hack! The program is designed to help young changemakers come up with innovative ideas that can create a real positive impact in their local communities while gaining relevant skills and knowledge on how to address sustainability challenges.

Why organize an UNLEASH Hack?


Connect with your local community while creating positive change.


Gain leadership skills hands-on and spread innovation tools among local youth.


Bring the UNLEASH Innovation Methodology to solve a challenge that is close to you.


Get global attention to a cause that you care about by tapping into the UNLEASH Community.

Get inspired

Whether or not you are a member of the UNLEASH Community, you can apply to participate in an UNLEASH Hack near you. Check out what UNLEASH Hacks are currently in the pipeline and some past UNLEASH Hacks to get inspired. 

How does the process of organizing a Hack look like?

UNLEASH Hacks are hosted by an Organizing Team (OT): a group of 4-5 individuals. OTs can consist of UNLEASH Alumni and non-UNLEASH Alumni, but the Lead OT member (and the one who applies) must be an UNLEASH Alumni.

Read the UNLEASH Hacks Organizing Team Booklet, available in the Community Platform, to get a better sense of what it takes to organize an UNLEASH Hack.

Once your UNLEASH Hack is approved, UNLEASH will share with you the UNLEASH Hacks Toolkit and provide support for key activities during the planning, execution and reporting of the program you design.

Share with the world the impact you made in your community and beyond!

Together with your OT, submit your application through the Community Platform no later than April 25, 23.59 GMT!

Gather your community to address a challenge important to them, while learning about innovation and leadership through the UNLEASH Methodology.

Solutions from Previous Hacks

Do you have any questions about UNLEASH Hacks?