New Years Greeting from Chairman Flemming Besenbacher

Dear UNLEASH talents and supporters,

When the idea of UNLEASH came up and slowly started to materialize back in 2016, there were several moments along the way where I must admit that I had serious doubts as to whether we could really carry the project through. But we did. We succeeded in gathering 1,000 young talents in Denmark to help create a better world by developing innovative solutions to the SDGs – something that had never previously happened anywhere else in world.

This year’s UNLEASH in Singapore demonstrates that we have not only managed to pull off two amazing and impactful events, but in fact, we have created a movement of now 2,000 young talents from all over the world who have developed 370 solutions to the SDGs.

We are starting to see the impact of the solutions developed during the first UNLEASH Lab. Companies are being established and exciting partnerships are being built. We have seen how one idea has turned into eight health care centers in rural Uganda, how waste material is being upcycled into useful objects, how new jobs for those in need have been created and this is only the beginning.

So, how did we get here? Hard work, rethinking and an unwavering faith in the idea combined with a sincere desire to create a more sustainable world anchored in the SDGs. Thus, UNLEASH is clear proof of how far you can get when you believe in your ideas. Never forget that. As individuals, you will always experience setbacks at some point, but I have seen the dedication of every single UNLEASH talent and facilitator, and I am convinced that you have what it takes to create real change in the world.

You are all part of the UNLEASH story. And the story has just begun. Soon, we will  enter year three of UNLEASH, and l very much look forward to revealing the location of the next UNLEASH Lab shortly. I can assure you one thing: It will be outstanding and take UNLEASH to the next level.

I wish you all a very happy New Year and I look forward to seeing the many ways in which you all continue to contribute to the SDGs.

Kind regards,

Flemming Besenbacher

Chairman of UNLEASH