Every year, the Lab focuses on specific challenges across the SDGs. This fall 2022, hundreds of young changemakers will focus on creating solutions to secure access to clean and affordable energy, and to combat climate change and its consequences for communities around the world. 

Global warming has reached 1 degree above pre-industrial baseline, affecting the lives of all species on the planet and having a significant impact on highly vulnerable people and places. About half of the global population live in areas “highly vulnerable” to climate change, of which a disproportional percentage are in the global south. Millions of people lose their homes, livelihoods, and families annually due to natural disasters, and the occurrence and severity of these events are accelerating, causing a global emergency.   

 Porticus is a long-term partner and staunch supporter of UNLEASH initiatives related to climate action and the challenges posed by global warming. In 2022, Porticus will join both our Labs to support young people in their journey to develop solutions that mitigate the global effects of climate change in a fair way for all.  

 Lab participants will have the opportunity to come up with radical ways to strengthen the resilience of communities at risk, and to consider how to transition to a post-carbon future in a way that is just for everyone.  

 “UNLEASH has become a capacity builder and enabler for youth to act within a global network, and we need these joint efforts and their innovative solutions to mitigate the effect of climate change and the interconnected crisis on nature and biodiversity loss threatening humanity”, says Caroline Bryant, Global Program Manager from Porticus.  

Good Energies, a part of Porticus, is enabling the UNLEASH India Lab’s thematic focus on energy, supporting our efforts in inspiring young talents to take action on energy poverty thereby enabling education, food security, universal healthcare, and more. 

 Today, more than 750 million people still do not have access to even minimal levels of electricity. And the lack of access isn’t the only challenge the energy sector is facing, with its reliance on fossil fuels being the main contributor to climate change. It is critical to change both the way energy is produced and consumed, so that we can maximize the benefits of energy as a vehicle for sustainable development. Lab participants will reconsider the role of energy in our lives and focus especially on the at-risk communities who are hardest hit by the lack of this resource.  

 “We are excited about the potential for UNLEASH to create positive impact by mobilizing young entrepreneurs and innovators to address some of the world’s most complex challenges. Making renewable energy accessible for everyone, especially those in remote areas, has an impact in many other aspects of their lives; clean energy can power solutions to many of the SDGs”, says Stephanie Jones, Global Program Manager from Good Energies.  

 Applications to join the program are open until June 19th, midnight CET. In their aim to make this opportunity as inclusive as possible, UNLEASH will offer scholarships to all selected participants to cover the expenses of travel, visa, transport, accommodation, food, curriculum, facilitation, and program activities for the entire event. Read more at UNLEASH’s website. 

 About Porticus 

Porticus advises and manages the private philanthropic activities of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners with a mission to create a sustainable future where justice and human dignity flourish. The organisation takes a systems change approach to address societal and environmental challenges worldwide and focuses its work on four sectors, including Caring for the Earth, in which it builds cross-sector alliances to address the climate emergency.  

 About Good Energies 

Good Energies Foundation is a Swiss-based philanthropic organisation funding initiatives that work to reverse the impact of climate change in two key areas: access to clean energy and protection of tropical forests. Good Energies is part of Porticus, which manages the private philanthropic endeavours of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners with the aim to help create a just and sustainable future where human dignity flourishes.