RFO event in Morocco

Race for Oceans Global: the results are in!!! 38 events gathered 2000 participants!

Race for Oceans Global was launched in August 2021 with the aim of scaling impact for SDG-14 (Life below water), specifically to tackle the ocean plastic pollution challenge. The aim was to test the potential of expanding the concept beyond Danish borders with a pilot program to build capacity among Champions, mobilize communities through events and increase awareness of ocean plastic. Now, after four months of hard work and dedication from Champions, and all stakeholders involved, we see the impact, and it is mind-blowing!

With the tools and learnings developed in a series of workshops, Champions leveraged the power of communities and 150 local partnerships, to organize 38 local Race for Oceans events in their countries. These events gathered and raised awareness among almost 2000 participants, collected over 15,500 kilograms of plastics from beaches and waterfronts, all the while engaging in 56 fun sports activities. Beyond these amazing numbers, the Champions were equipped with long-term transferable skills and have attested to a professionally beneficial experience. Rather than just training them to execute a single event, the program focused on giving them the most critical tools needed to conceptualize an idea, mobilize their community, raise awareness, and form relevant partnerships that would allow their idea to succeed. 97.3% of Champions reported that they were satisfied with their Race for Oceans experiences, with the same number eager to participate in future iterations of the program!
“I learnt so much about how to approach different people, organizations, and sponsors, I also learned about executing events and planning in advance. Most importantly how to make an impact and execute a successful event.” – RFO Champion South Africa

RFO event in South Africa

Race for Oceans also contributed to understanding the global ocean plastic challenge, by collecting and sharing insights on the local ocean plastic challenges. The events also helped to spark local action to address these challenges through the knowledge-sharing components that were led by experts.
It was a thought-provoking experience to be closer to the waste ending up in our oceans as a result of human activities. The experience has made me more sensitive towards the SDG 14 and motivated me to jump soon with my boots on the beach to clean it up!” –RFO Champion, India

RFO event in India

The Race for Oceans Global pilot has been successful, owing to solid teamwork on all levels, exceeding expectations on all parameters. Many thanks to all stakeholders involved!
“This event has inspired me so much and has alarmed me to the fact that we are the generation polluting our environment and we have the burden to clean it. No other species or alien will come to clean this thing and it is high time we take steps before it’s too late.” –Participant at Race for Oceans Bangladesh.

RFO event in Bangaldesh

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