Tuborgfondet will support the Climate Action and Land Use Track at UNLEASH Rwanda

Since 2017, Tuborgfondet has been a core partner of UNLEASH and will continue to be with the vision of enhancing young people’s capacity to frame solutions to the climate crisis, in line with their Green Transition Strategy.

Inappropriate land use is one of the primary causes of climate change, and this causal relationship has damaging effects on the living conditions of people and natural ecosystems alike. The effects result in rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and irreversible tipping points such as ocean acidification. Effective climate action requires preserving and restoring natural habitats, safeguarding biodiversity, and promoting sustainable land management. Addressing these intertwined challenges will help mitigate climate change’s adverse effects helping to preserve the Earth’s vital ecosystems.

Through this collaboration, we aim to foster a youth-led green transition that reverts the effects of the climate crisis, while equipping youth to gain the skills required to infuse innovation into sustainability. That’s why at UNLEASH Rwanda, Talents within the Climate Action and Land Use track will work on solutions to solve challenges like deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, conflict-inducing land degradation and rights violations, and long global supply chains among others.

“I applied to UNLEASH because I would like contribute to shaping a better world. […] I am working on creating art and building installations that put focus on solutions to global problems, and that is why I would like to contribute with my knowledge on how creativity and craftsmanship can engage more youth to contribute to a more sustainable planet,” says Felix Emilie Schumann from Ungdomsbureauet, who will join UNLEASH Rwanda as a Talent.

This continued partnership underscores the importance of providing a platform to youth to design their own sustainable and equitable future, and we are very looking forward to witnessing the impact from UNLEASH Rwanda Talents!