UNLEASH Ambassador becomes Obama Leader

Karim Pedersen, an UNLEASH Facilitator in the first Global Innovation Lab in Denmark back in 2017, has participated in every single UNLEASH Lab ever since (including our first Regional Innovation Lab in Greenland last year). Being part of every single of our Labs is a feat only achieved by one more person in our Community: Prof. Flemming Besenbacher, UNLEASH’s Chairperson!

Karim’s background on youth empowerment and political activism took him to work first-hand on democracy-building and to lead humanitarian and cultural projects in the Danish-Belarusian association Talaka.


His active involvement in the pillars of democracy, together with his long-term commitment to the achievement of the SDGs through UNLEASH, have now given him the opportunity to join the next cohort of the Barack Obama Foundation Leaders program.


The program helps emerging leaders develop the necessary skills to lead their communities, and it will support Karim’s current efforts in the democracy space, as well as with his contributions to the UNLEASH Community. “I am thrilled to join the incredible community of Obama Leaders and to bring my work for the Sustainable Development Goals to the next level. We all have a role to play in building a more sustainable, more inclusive planet. As an Obama Leader, I look forward to making a difference and empowering others, so that we can achieve meaningful change together. In UNLEASH, we have already empowered more than 5,000 global Talents, and we have shown that we can make a difference – as individuals and as a Community,” says Karim.


Karim’s continuous commitment to UNLEASH as an Ambassador and as a Facilitator has been invaluable to our Community; that is why we feel very honored to be part of his journey in his new role as an Obama Leader. “Karim has been part of UNLEASH journey since the beginning in 2017, and this recognition is an extremely well-deserved milestone in his career; Karim has been a true inspiration since I met him in 2017, and I am very looking forward to witness how this opportunity propels his community leadership even further,” says Chairperson of UNLEASH Prof. Flemming Besenbacher.