UNLEASH and 11th Hour Racing Team spotlight sustainability in the Arctic

June 8, Århus. UNLEASH has partnered with 11th Hour Racing Team to foster the implementation of innovative practices tackling the health of our ocean, especially in the Arctic region.

The collaboration is part of The Ocean Race, the world’s longest and toughest team sporting event.

11th Hour Racing Team currently tops The Ocean Race leaderboard, and as the five-strong professional sailing team race around the world, their mission is to raise awareness of the importance of innovation for ocean health while leaving a lasting legacy.

11th Hour Racing Team’s commitment to a long-lasting legacy after the finish of The Ocean Race 2022-23, sees them working with legacy grantee programs in each stopover, and in Århus, working with UNLEASH. The selected grantees are organizations committed to advancing local initiatives that improve the health of our ocean and addressing the dynamic environmental challenges facing the sailing and marine communities.

During The Ocean Race stopover in Århus, Denmark, teams participating in UNLEASH Greenland showcased their projects and highlighted the importance of engaging youth at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. 

Besides joining panel discussions and being inspired by the different summits focused on entrepreneurship and biodiversity, Teams have also engaged in a tailored mentorship program to further strengthen the development of their solutions.

“It’s really inspiring to see the climate action work of young adults through organizations like UNLEASH as we race around the world,” commented 11th Hour Racing Team Skipper, Charlie Enright. “UNLEASH’s vision of bringing innovation to solve the most pressing challenges that the Arctic is facing, including unsustainable fishing practices, the challenges of ocean conservation, and the importance of improving the mental health of people living in remote areas, is a prime example of local solutions to the global problem of climate change. Alone we can only do so much, but together through collaboration, we can make a positive impact for the long-term health of our ocean and our planet.”

In addition to the Ocean Race in Aarhus, 11th Hour Racing Team has supported the launch of a Mentorship Program for all UNLEASH Greenland Talents to continue their journey in innovation for sustainability. Mentees from across the Arctic will engage in a series of coaching sessions to foster their individual professional growth and receive expert guidance to move their ideas forward. Lastly, UNLEASH is re-engaging with key Greenlandic partners from the Innovation Lab by hosting innovation workshops and training sessions to ensure local and long-term anchoring of the UNLEASH innovation methodology in Greenland.

“The health of our ocean is critical to the sustainability of the Arctic, and its deterioration has consequences for the entire planet. It’s crucial that the young people from the region get involved in innovative practices for the SDGs, and partnering with the 11th Hour Racing Team will enable them to continue pursuing their journey in their local communities,” said Chairperson of UNLEASH, Prof. Flemming Besenbacher.