UNLEASH Hack Morocco: AI for Disaster Risk Reduction

UNLEASH Hack Morocco, a two-day hybrid hackathon held in Rabat at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), gathered 40 young minds from various African nations to tackle climate challenges and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) with artificial intelligence (AI).

Guest editor: Hasnaa Jaghar


Organized jointly by UNLEASH, the Africa Youth Advisory Board on DRR (AYAB DRR) and the African Consulting Club (ACC), the event focused on three key themes: 

  • Early Warning Systems Reinvented: Exploring AI advancements for comprehensive and timely responses to climate threats through improved warning systems. 
  • Planet Harmony: Leveraging AI to address sustainable resource management, biodiversity conservation, and climate adaptation challenges. 
  • Prosperity through Inclusion: Bridging the digital divide and integrating indigenous practices through innovative solutions, promoting inclusive development, equitable information access, and socioeconomic resilience in Morocco. 

Participants engaged in brainstorming, prototyping, and pitching their ideas to a panel of Judges. To anchor their ideas in the theme of the Hack, participants had the opportunity to join a panel discussion on harnessing AI for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The forum included researchers from Morocco who are working on AI for DRR, representatives from NGOs who were involved in the last earthquake relief operation Atlas in Morocco, representatives from the consulting firm “Leyton” who are working on AI for sustainability, representatives from the Africa Youth Advisory Board on DRR for youth engagement, and a representative from the Ministry of Interior of Morocco, as they are the national focal point for DRR of the African Union Commission.

During the two-day Hack, participants received valuable feedback from Facilitators and Judges, enriching their skills and knowledge to make their solutions locally relevant and viable. While all ideas have the potential to be implemented and create real change, “SunAlert”, the solution developed by “The Disaster Squad,” emerged as the winner. This ingenious solution utilizes AI and solar energy to generate early disaster warnings, delivered through a plug-and-play system linked to local mosques. This innovation delivers personalized warnings with accuracy and efficiency, potentially enhancing disaster preparedness for both communities and authorities.


Presenting the solutions to the Moroccan Ministry of Interior and the African Union


The Teams will have the chance to present their solutions to the Department of Natural Risk Management of the Moroccan Ministry of Interior and the African Union to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and join UM6P Explorer (the incubation program of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University) as well as the UNLEASH Community and future opportunities from UNLEASH to support the implemention of their solution.


“Bringing together UNLEASH and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University was a dream come true… The Teams worked hard and generated high-quality ideas. They honored the spirit of UNLEASH, creating a better world through talented youth,” said Catherine Jacquet, a seasoend UNLEASH Facialitator who joined UNLEASH Hack Morocco as their Lead Facilitator.


UNLEASH Hacks Morocco exemplifies UNLEASH’s commitment to support young people to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event is a testament to the tremendous potential of African youth in contributing to climate solutions through technology and innovation.