UNLEASH partners with Miro to make online co-creating possible

If you have been to an UNLEASH Innovation Lab, you would know that post-its will take over all your walls sooner than later! Whether you are mapping the 8th branch of a sub-branch of your problem framing tree, you are in an endless “YES AND” ideation session, or you are prototyping your solution in a gigantic cardboard…  it is bound to get messy.

Visual collaboration and hands-on activities are known techniques of modern problem-solving. They help us grasp complexity better, stimulate creativity, retain information, improve learning and, they are very fun! If you add global talent to the mix, you get UNLEASH at its best: an inspiring innovation lab of collaborative, engaging, visually appealing, hands-on problem solving with people from 160+ countries! Cool right?

But… what if we told you that the same UNLEASH experience is now 100% digital? Using Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard, we continue to unleash solutions for the SDGs at a time when they are most needed. Beyond being able to draw and use endless post-its as you would in a physical lab, the tools in Miro allow us to use videos, files, GIFs, music, icons, templates and much more without any waste! This is all possible with one person sitting in India, another one in Ghana, a third one in Denmark and a facilitator joining from Canada.

Perhaps more fascinating is that Miro has also opened doors to new ways of navigating the UNLEASH innovation process. A good example is the Prototyping phase. By experimenting and playing around with different visual tools from the start, you will be able to adopt the prototyping mindset early on. What this means is that by the time you need to build a rough prototype, you will have plenty of practice with visualizing complex solutions and making them digestible to others. If you want to dive deeper into rapid prototyping in Miro, check out this UNLEASH template in the Miroverse. And while you are there, we strongly recommend taking a tour through the Miroverse, where you will find endless sources of creativity and inspiration.

..And in case you have not heard, UNLEASH has teamed up with Miro Startup Program to give all UNLEASH alumni $1,000 in credits to use the whiteboard! Apply with your team here: https://miro-survey.typeform.com/to/Elf8mBUy