Winners of SDG 4: Quality Education

Gold winner: @letschatyoungvoices


@letschatyoungcoives won for their solution to provide sex education and awareness to decrease school dropouts due to teen pregnancy.

The solution is addressing school dropouts aged 13 to 19, due to teen pregnancy in the Dominican Republic. 20% of the girls aged 15-19 years, drop out of schools due to teen pregnancy. The ‘Let’s Chat’ platform is a multidimensional sex education and awareness platform, that aims at breaking taboos and providing knowledge and awareness regarding sex and relationship, to male and female teens aged 13-18 years. The solution utilizes behavioral nudge theory and pop culture to address the issue.


Our solution is a multidimensional sex education and awareness platform utilizing online social media channels, and offline engagement using facilitated workshops, to raise awareness about sex and the body through a youthful voice in an entertaining way. Our target group is teenage boys and girls aged 13 to 18 years old in the Dominican Republic. The “Let’s Chat” platform focuses on educating youth about sex through story-sharing and Q&A in the format of sharing real life stories and experiences and giving teens an opportunity to ask anonymous questions and doubts. This will be answered by a team of experts and the data collected will form part of a podcast/video series.

The customers are sponsors and brands who aim at targeting youth audience on social media platforms. The users will be young teenage boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 who will use the platform because it fulfills their curiosity about sex and their bodies in an engaging, informative and entertaining manner, allowing them to ask questions that they are typically not allowed to.


Silver winner: TERO

TERO won silver for their solution to equip teachers in slums with the tools to make children learn effectively.

The global challenge is to prepare kids living in extreme conditions with mental safety, dignity, and hope. As of 2016, there are over 66 million displaced people around the world and around 1 billion people living in slums. Out of these people, 20% are kids (over 210 million) and they live in environments very much different from other kids of the rest of world. Violence, drugs, and sexual abuse are common and many of them suffer from psychological trauma, which prevents them from learning effectively in schools.

The solution is to equip primary school teachers within slums in Nairobi with the psycho-social training, prepare a toolkit and create a professional development network for them for community networks. With these skills, the teachers can help their students with mental safety to learn effectively. The program is co-created with local community from the slums in the last 7 days and also based on the strengths of the team behind TERO.


Bronze winner: Fearless Five

Fearless Five aims to provide safe access to school for children in rural India.

Studies show that among various reasons, unsafe travel is one of the main reasons for dropouts for children in rural India. The solution is to provide a mobile school – in a bus – that brings teachers and necessary materials to villages. Every week, the bus will tour between three villages, catering to each village for two days, giving the children of the village two intensive days in basic education and three days of homework assignments, allowing school to be contextualized to rural life.

The bus will work as a mobile extension of the nearest school – bringing not only the school to the children but a teaching model that meets the needs and the rural life situation of the children. It solves a variety of problems due to which children cannot go to the school such as pressure to work at home, geographical distance, unsafe travels, conservative parents, low resources.


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