Winners of Sustainable Consumption & Production


Team 13: Lu Yu, Morgan Law, Emelie Lindahl, Ryoko Suzuki, John Oyewole and Kevin Lee


Shrink wrap is one of the largest hidden pollutants in the world. In the United States, there are over 2 billion pallets which causes 1.0 billion pounds of petroleum waste and of which 95% is expected to end up in landfills. SmartWrapR is a reuseable smart pallet cover to replace plastic shrink wrap. SmartWrapR can reduce the cost to customers for pallet wrapping from $1.20 to $0.60 per use and reduce environmental impact by 50% in plastic waste, 95% of petroleum use, and 80% of CO2 emissions.

SILVER WINNER – Sustainable Matching

Team 14: Alexander Granberg, Lauren Ttang, Aziz Karimov, Suman Kumar, Camilla Skjönnig Jorgensen, Kate Walc and Muhammad Karim 

Solution: An online platform that allows buyers and suppliers to find each other and make connections in order to reach sustainable goals. It will be the world’s first and only online supply fair for the fashion industry focused on sustainable materials. It is estimated this tool will save a sourcer 140 days worth of work time per year. Sustainable Matching are asking for $65,000 to cover initial start up costs and expect to beprofitable in their third year.

BRONZE WINNER – Calls with Mother Nature

Team 29: Sophie Peters, Leah Davidson, Ratul Dev, Morten Nielsen and Kenneth Omondi 

Solution: Calls with Mother Nature is a telephone box covered in local flora, which will be placed temporarily in city squares worldwide. Nostalgic sounds of a dial up phone will entice people to reach for the receiver. The voice of Mother Nature will sound out, and the user has the opportunity to leave a message.