Infosys Offsets Carbon Emissions

As part of its continued efforts to create a sustainable world, Infosys has offset the carbon emissions of two global sustainability-led, innovation events of UNLEASH.

UNLEASH Greenland: the Talent experience

The idea behind a “blue economy” is simple but important, conserving the planet’s ‘blue’ resources: our oceans. UNLEASH is partnering with HCL to mobilize youth and develop innovative solutions to promote aquatic ecosystem conservation.


Children from UNICEF’s child councils are joining 200 young talents from Greenland, the Nordics, and the Arctic for the innovation Lab UNLEASH, which starts Saturday in Nuuk. The UNICEF – UNLEASH partnership aims to encourage children and youth to act on regional challenges and develop sustainable solutions that can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

7 Reasons to apply for UNLEASH Greenland

7 Reasons to apply for UNLEASH Greenland, our first Regional Innovation Lab! This year, UNLEASH will host its first Regional Innovation Lab in Nuuk (Greenland), between August 20th – 27th. 200 young people from around the Arctic and the Nordics will get together for one week to brainstorm solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing specifically on some […]