7 Tips from UNLEASH to Bring Your Idea to Life​

7 Tips from UNLEASH to Bring Your Idea to Life Did you know that many new initiatives fail due to a lack of understanding user needs at every stage of development? From problem framing to implementation, the UNLEASH Innovation Methodology emphasizes the importance of grasping user perspectives. Here’s how you can master user testing: Test […]

Designing a better future: unpacking UNLEASH Rwanda​

As part of our mission, we are committed to host an Innovation Lab on every continent before 2030. A little over a month ago, we hosted the latest UNLEASH Innovation Lab and, this time around, it took place on the African continent for the very first time. In Kigali, Rwanda, we welcomed 1000 young changemakers to spend a week creating solutions for a sustainable future.  

Denmark partners with UNLEASH

This collaboration will enable young change makers from the African continent to co-create solutions impacting communities across the continent.