Infosys Offsets Carbon Emissions

As part of its continued efforts to create a sustainable world, Infosys has offset the carbon emissions of two global sustainability-led, innovation events of UNLEASH.

Novo Nordisk partners with UNLEASH

This year, UNLEASH is expanding its focus on health, and has established a specific track on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the Global Innovation Lab in India, so that young participants can come together and share insights based on their deep understanding of the topic, as well as have more targeted opportunities of further collaboration.

Tuborgfondet partners with UNLEASH

Tuborgfondet has supported UNLEASH since our inception in 2017, and has now committed to continue our collaboration for three more years; this time around, the focus of the partnership will be on supporting youth on creating disruptive initiatives for a green transition.

HCL partners with UNLEASH

UNLEASH will host its 4th Global Innovation Lab in the Indian state of Karnataka from December 3rd to the 11th.